Pabasa ng Pasyon 2012: Holy Thursday

     I had the chance again to sing verses from Pabasa ng Pasyon during our four day stay in Bulacan. My mother had this started way back 2010, her way of "panata", and also her goal to bring together her siblings. We arrived in the afternoon, and they were already in page 120 of the Pasyon book.

I and my sister alternately did it for four hours until 9pm. It's almost finished then my aunts took their turns. 
     The kids were there too.

      I always want to render Pasyon because it gives me a feeling that I walked with Jesus in his passion, death, and resurrection. Sentimental as it may seem, but his sufferings made me cry always and I try to give back to him living a life of prayers and good deeds. A part in the Pabasa that always hits hard on me is when he carried the cross and his mother saw how he was suffering.
     Praying and doing act of penance should not be only done during the Lenten Season. We may have different ways to repent, still, living a life of faith and good works, bring us closer to Jesus thus reflecting the love to others.


  1. Very nice panata. Very admirable. =)

    1. Thanks Tin! Tinanong ko nga sya kung hanggang kelan yun, sabi niya hanggang buhay daw siya and ipapasa niya sa amin din.


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