A Super Late Post | Holy Week 2012

     I've been busy with my deadlines (This K-12 thing...) that I wasn't able to make this post as scheduled. I will just wrap up the things we did last Holy Week.

     Holy Thursday: PABASA. The kids played around.

     Good Friday: at our Tatang's house and dinner at my Tita's 50th birthday.
it's a veggie and seafood party!
oysters! =)

     Black Saturday: We just stayed at Tatang's house. I had the chance to finish my work. Ya I know it's vacation but I had the time. Sayang naman. =))

     Easter Sunday: Family Reunion.

     Meg and Kieran joined the Dance Contest! They both won. =)
     Still playing around.
     Our Holy Week is all about FAMILY! Meg did a lot of playing and enjoyed. Now HOME.

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