Barney Space Adventures in Manila | April 27, 2012

     The kids (Meg and Kieran) enjoyed the show! We waited for 15 minutes so I took their pictures first and bought snacks. We again waited for thirty minutes for Barney inside the theatre.

Meg with her killer smile =)
inip mode
with the kids and my sister
my nephew Kieran
hanggang jan lang, bawal na sa stage :)
inip na talaga bebeko
     When Barney went on stage, the kids all shouted and were very happy!

Barney, BJ, and Baby Bop
      It’s a nice feeling that we had experience a family night: the parents were all singing Barney’s songs too, together with their kids; and the kids were dancing! Good thing I know all the songs because of Meg. :D And when Barney sang the I Love You song, the kids hugged and kissed their parents and they too sang together (kami din!). It was a heartwarming moment!

      No ifs ands or buts, this is another HAPPY childhood memory for the kids!


I have videos of the performances. I just hope I can show it in another post.  


  1. buti na lang hindi type ng anak ko si barney kundi mapapagastos ako. but he knows the "i love you" song.

    1. nanalo lang ako ng VIP tickets sis. kung hindi, di din ako makawatch neto. ang mahal. hehe buti na lang talaga nag-enjoy sila. =)

  2. lucky of you sis.. i want to watch this with my kids sana. :)

  3. oo nga sis, di ko din in-expext.. next time ulit. =)


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