CRAVE: Moshi Manju Korean cake

     I discovered this few months ago when I got curious of the long pile of line at the lower ground floor of SM San Lazaro. Meg liked it the instant she tasted it. (siyempre ako din!) My sister bought a box again as pasalubong for Meg a while ago.

This is a box with 24 pcs(Mocha and Dulce de Leche) assorted flavor. Even of its little size, with its pancake like taste, it's very delicious.

The Broadband Stick is longer than the cake :)

It has a delicious filling that your kids will surely love. The filling is sweet but the pancake like taste compensates it. I think Meg ate 8 pcs of it just now.


PHP 16/ 4 pcs

PHP 30/ 8 pcs

PHP 55/ 16 pcs

PHP 85/ 24 pcs


  1. Sounds delish. Sa liit nyan, siguro yung 24pcs isang upuan ko lang :-D

    Spanish Pinay

  2. Hi Irene! Thank you for visiting my blog!!! I am here to visit you. You have a very interesting blog indeed! I am trying to figure out where it is you live????
    Come again, as I shall come again to visit you.

  3. I've been hearing a lot about this moshi manju. Maybe I should try it out sometime. :)

  4. I have never heard of this Moshi, but it looks very good, it seems it would taste like a donut. Your sunset below is beautiful!

  5. ohhh, dulce de leche <33

  6. @SP: True! Kaya di na ko nakiagaw. Baka magalit si Meg.. Hehe...

    @Kris: I'm from the Philippines. I will definitely visit your blog again. Thanks! =)

    @Umi : Try it. It's really good.

    Thanks Ginny and Kasia!

  7. masarap pala yan?! let me try nga next time!

  8. oo lalo pag mainit. ingat lang sa hot filling. ;)

  9. Haven't seen this one yet. Do they have other branches kaya? =)

  10. alam ko sis sa SM megamall. Di pa ko sure sa ibang SM kung meron. =)

  11. Di ko pa na try yan! Mura na din! Will buy some pag nakakita me.

    1. Oo nga Anney. Ang liliit lang talaga. Tipong 1 box kaya ko ubusin sa isang upuan lol

  12. I am digging your old posts lol. Yan namimiss ko sa Pinas, yummy and inexpensive foods.

    I have some of these when we were still in Korea, hubby loves them!

  13. never tried these before but i will definitely will especially the dulce de leche! :D

  14. Is there any one who knows how can I have a franchise of this delicious little cake?
    Please send it to:


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