La Familia Pesina: Swimming is always FUN!

 We had our family swimming last Tuesday (May 1) at La Familia Pesina in Sta.Maria, Bulacan. We rented the whole resort for 6,000 from 1PM till midnight. 

     The kids stayed under the sun for two hours and then kaboom! It rained so hard. (Unang ulan daw ng Mayo). But still, Meg enjoyed the pool, and the raindrops. :D
     Meg is always afraid of the pool and water but last Tuesday was a different thing. My brother taught her to "push the water" and then before I joined her, she's not in the kiddie pool anymore. She's in the middle of the big pool (4 ft. I think) with her salbabida.
she really did enjoy!
all by herself
don't mind my BRASO lol
and now I think I deserve this! =)
     I had a hard time to convince her to get out of the pool. She stayed until 7PM and after eating two plates of rice and adobo, she fell asleep! I'm happy that she did overcome her fear and even asked me if she can still have swimming lesson. I hope I can still enroll her on the 5th batch of Swimtech in Angelicum College.

The pool was OK considering we have it for ourselves only. I think we're less than 30. But their restroom and shower room are not separate and the water supply is low. I won't recommend this resort. (evil me). :D Good thing I didn't organize this and MEG had FUN that day.



  1. The resort seemed nice... and for 6k tapos kayo lang, not bad, no? Kaya lang the other things you said, downside nga! The name of the place is interesting... parang pun ng spanish word piscina ang pesina :)... piscina means pool in spanish :)

    Spanish Pinay

    1. ay ang galing! baka dun nila kinuha name?(nag-assume) hehe.. 12k pag overnight and occupy na yung two rooms. not bad na talaga. sana lang ayusin pa nila. :)

  2. well your daughter looks like she is having a great time in that pool!!

  3. seems to be a really good place for the summer except for the downside..but you seem to have a really nice time...thanks for visiting my MM entry..hope you can also check my latest addiction

  4. @Annmarie Pipa: she really did! thanks for visiting. =)

    @MoM from Manila: yes! thanks for visiting too. =)

  5. The price is good na, considering malaki yung pool. :-)

    Next month tag-ulan na.

  6. it feels good to swim under the rain, how lucky to have that chance. like what they said, the pool looks great. we also went to a pool in laguna and i can't say i can recommend to everyone because it's okay but there's so many people because it's a public pool.

  7. @Eve: oo nga sis! Summer na tag-ulan hehe.. :)

    @Mai: yes, my daughter enjoyed it. The pool like I said is OK but improvements can still be made. Thanks for visiting! =)

  8. Swimming is a great bonding moment for the family! Happy MM! Here's my entry:

  9. swimming is number 1 on my kids list when summer comes! :D happy mother's day!

  10. looks okay sis but got turned off with the downside. mura na sya for 6k tpos halos night time un shift nya. longer time pa. un nakuha namin sa may antipolo, 6.5k 8-6pm naman. i thought i could recommend it for next year.. around 50pax ksi kami. :D nice post sis!

  11. may i know La Familia Pesina contact number. I need to get an appointment with Mommy Mary. I've met her here last Jun 2013


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