MEG 101: Practice Reading

     It's been almost three weeks when I started teaching Meg how to read. I feel the need to do it since she will be in Prep this school year and I want to make it easier for her when school starts. It was hard for her at first but when she learned it, she now asks me to let her read often and told me if she can buy more books. I took a video of her while her cousin tried to disturbed her.
       Can someone teach me how to share PDF/Word files on Blogger? Is it possible? Or do I need a hosting site for it? I want to share reading worksheets.Thanks!

I need to work on her voiced and unvoiced -th sound. :)



  1. Galing naman magbasa! natatawa naman ako dun sa pinsan nya. hehehe! Ginagaya kung ano sabihin ng daughter mo.

  2. hehe oo. thanks anne! btw, luv your blog. =)


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