Santacruzan 2012

    Meg was chosen to be one of the angels for Reyna del Cielo at San Lazaro Church Santacruzan 2012. Kuya told me the night before so I rushed at Divilandia the next morning to buy angel's wings and halo. I didn't feel the need to buy the gala dress worth 300 pesos since she'll not be able to use it again (kuripot mode). Anyway, here are some of the pictures: 
with Reyna Del Cielo
promise buong lakad nila, dinaldal niya yung reyna hehe
pawisan na sila =)
again, with her killer smile
angelic? :)
with her alalay: don't mind the plastic hehe
     It was again an accomplishment not only for Mommy but for Meg, too. After the procession, Certificates of Participation were given to them. I was a bit worried since I was not seated beside her and I didn't know if she understood the giving of the certificates. A nervous mom again, as the priest called her name, I immediately stand up and then I saw her walking towards the altar. Yay! I think I underestimated her. I was again proud and happy.
on her own =)
Santacruzan is not just a showcase of beauties, but as you walk during the procession, prayer intentions were recited. And then again, the value of sacrifice, simplicity, and the virtues that the Blessed Virgin Mary imparted to us should be respected and valued.

mommy moments


  1. bigla ko naalala childhood ko, i used to join santacruzan too!..nice to see your angelic daughter!

    visiting from MM, hope you can take a peek at a person fit to be called a "Mother"

  2. They are all very pretty, manang mana sa Mommy!

    Our Moments, have a great Mother's day Celebration!

  3. thanks =) Happy mother's day mommies!

  4. awww! that is a sweet moment with the Reyna :-) miss santacruzan back in the Philippines :-) I love the pictures cute :-) Dropping by from Mommy Moments.

  5. sweet moment! :D visiting from Mommy Moments! :D thanks for joining us!


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