My Little Girl No More

     Sorry if this post may sound over-acting (OA) to you guys. This is Meg's first day in the school service (without me)! I'm feeling very nervous a while ago while waiting for her. Meg is always with me (except if I have work). I was thinking what if she cries or what if she doesn't want to. I waited for her outside the gate and I'm glad that she's really very happy! She told me, "Mommy, don't come to school na ha, I have school service." I am very proud that she's starting to be independent but it also scares the hell out of me. Fast forward what-ifs: she asks for permission to go out with her classmates, to go to places without me, etc... Haha that is over-acting!

     I admit I'm really a hands-on mom and a stage mom also. Every Meg's development (may it be little or big) is a trophy for me already. I want to be a part of all the changes that's happening to her. That is not so bad, eh?


  1. Well she is starting school early but good luck. sandie

  2. NO that is not so bad, you are just being a mom! ha ha

    You are just being an over protected Mom :) and aren't we all are? Congrats to "Meg's first day in the school service without Mom" ha ha

    THANKS for visiting my blog, appreciate it much. I followed you here, I'm #95. See yah around!

    1. oh forgot to mention, I put your blog in my roll :)

  3. Not bad at all. Meg is lucky to have a caring and concerned mother. Thanks so much for visiting Buttercup's.

  4. Awe! That is so yummy. My goodness that makes me hungry. hehehe.. We have walnut trees at our farm and boy the meat is so hard to get out of the shell. It is tough and needs a machine to open it up and get the nuts. Not easy to get them. Dates are delicious and doesn't come cheap for sure. :) Visiting you back!

  5. Thanks Adin! =) Meg is my happiness...


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