The ABC's of Good Moms

     Saw this from a facebook friend and realized motherhood is really hard. When I became a mom, I've learned so many things. In teaching Meg about life and school, never did I know that SHE is the one teaching me more in life. I would never trade anything for this, being a mother made me WHOLE and a better person. I became more sensitive to other people's feelings, explore more on things, and learned my capabilities are more than I'd imagined. Meg always says Thank You to me but I want to thank her more for giving me a chance to know myself more. I didn't imagine I could SACRIFICE a lot and at the same time be BLISSFUL about it. That I could give so much MORE without expecting anything. I may not be a good mom always, but for Meg, I will always be the BEST.


  1. i agree, we always teach our kids but at the same time, we learned from them. nice ABC's.

  2. We always learn from them, even in the hard time they give us, or just happens to them by chance in life. Loving those ABC's! Enjoy them, as they grow so ever, FAST! Thanks for your sweet visit.


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