On Philippine Elections, Mother's Day, and My New Domain

With all the fuzz about the results of the election, people have so much to say and some are quite DISAPPOINTED. I voted for four senatorial candidates and only one made it to top 12. I don't think Filipinos are all EDUCATED enough to know who's who to vote or how to choose a deserving leader in the first place. POPULARITY and MONEY are still always considered rather than the track record of the candidates. I doubt if they even look at the educational background of the candidates. But since we can't do anything because this is a democratic country, let's just HOPE that all PROMISES made if not all KEPT but not totally BROKEN and here I am still wishing they will be true to their words.

Anyway, we had our Pre-Mother's Day Celebration at Dragon Chef, TriNoma last May 10. It was actually the second time we dined there and with a family who loves Chinese food in general, I definitely recommend this place.
Dragon Chef Fried Rice
Birthday Noodles
Beef Brisket
I forgot the name of the first photo above, sounds like Steamed Pork hehe... The Fried Rice is to die for kasi sobrang malahok, I mean it's a complete meal already, we even ordered Jasmine rice to mix with it. Meg's favorite is the Birthday noodles (this I super recommend for the kids) complete with pork, Chorizo Bilbao, veggies, and quail eggs. The Beef Brisket is really good, the meat super soft, and the taste superb. I love its sauce since ma-SOSY akong tao haha corny.
Pork Siomai
Chicken Feet
Lechon Macau with Pineapple Fritters
Red Citrus Iced Tea

I'm not a siomai person but their Pork Siomai (pictured above) tastes really good. The chicken feet is very soft and has rich flavors (salty and spicy combined), and not sticky. The Lechon Macau is crispy and flavorful deep into the meat. I love the idea of the Pineapple Fritters with the Lechon. Pantanggal-umay. The Red Citrus Iced Tea is quite sweet but OK.

The only downside I think is that they should widen their space, parang ang liit kasi. But the service is good with attentive staff. We'll definitely be back.

Commercial: See my own domain na? Yihee! Haha sorry for being so OA about it. Happy lang talaga ako. I'll leave you with this close-up picture of the Birthday noodles, pampahaba ng buhay, and again here I am wishing for longer blog life (haha) and long live the Filipinos!
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  1. nice! very clean layout. Ako di ko pa nasilip official result pero ni half yata ng navote ko wala din sa top 12.

    1. Thanks sis Michi. Hope I'll do more with the header. =)

  2. It's sad that the election has been a popularity contest more than choosing the qualified candidates. Oh well, at least the food for mother's day celebration would at least soften the blow.

  3. Now you make me want to eat some chinesse food. It's look delicious! I really love the color of red citrus iced tea :)

  4. masakit pa rin ang puso ko dahil sa result ng election pero pasaan ba at makaka-move on din ako. hehehe.. :)

    ang sarap nung fried rice! yayain ko si hubby sa dragon chef minsan. :)

  5. I've never been to Dragon Chef but with the looks of the foods I am planning to have a munch when I'll have the chance. Regarding sa election dito sa pinas.. nakakasakit tlga ng puso, utak at mata ang mga nangyari.. hindi na ata tlaga magbabago ang politics dito sa bansa natin.

    FB Name: E.F. Nanquil

  6. Got disappointed after my uncle lost in the local elections. Maybe those pork siomais will make me feel better :)

  7. Congrats on your own domain :). Oh, that fried rice is to die for! I'm drooling now.

  8. Congratz with your new domain! More years to blogging:)

  9. Congrats on your new domain! Yey! I am a bit disappointed also with the result of the senatoriables and yes I guess Filipino people SHOULD be EDUCATED who to vote because clearly they voted the candidates due to popularity not the credibility. I love chinese food also esp chicken feet dimsum!


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