Our Zoobic Safari Experience

We went to Subic last May 4 and 5. One of the places we visited is the Zoobic Safari. We decided to be early and arrived there at 8:30 A.M. The good thing about being early is that there is no line queue in paying the tickets and also inside the park.
Sorry if I'll be boring you with lots of pictures. Tickets are at P495 each, kids below 3ft are free so Meg is not included here already haha but the lady gave us P100 less for Meg's ticket. Only my nephew Kieran entered for free. The entrance fee includes the following attractions: Zoobic Park, Rodent World, Serpentarium, Tiger Safari ride, Close Encounter, Savannah, Muzooeum, Aeta's Trail, Forbidden Cave, Croco Loco, Zoobic Cave, and Bird Walk.

Zoobic Park
Look how brave si Meg o! She was really happy seeing the young goats (kid) and not afraid at all. I know I can be super OC sometimes but I let Meg explore her playful side and experience the interaction with the animals. 

Tiger Safari ride, Close Encounter, and Savannah
scared daw siya
my sister and nephew
Muzooeum, Aeta's Trail, and Croco Loco
And there you have it hehe... 

Here's I guess a few notes if you plan to go to Zoobic Safari with your kids:

1. Go as early as possible. The park opens at 8 AM so I suggest you plan your time well. Aside from there's not a lot of people before lunch, you can avoid the scorching heat of the sun in the afternoon. It's super-hot when we went there and it's hotter in the afternoon for sure. It's not advisable to go there during rainy season and I just can imagine the mud and the hassle it is for the trip.
2. Bring a backpack for your things. I brought three separate bags for baon, camera, and our things and I had a hard time. Pack all your things in one bag that's not too heavy because you will walk around a lot.
3. Bring WATER! As in it's super super needed. There are stores in every stop but quite expensive for the size. I suggest you bring water bottles, a big one and smaller bottles for the kids. We freeze the water bottles so it's still cold during the trip. You can also bring light snacks like sandwiches, cookies, and chips.
4. You need money for the gift shops or if you feel hungry during the tour.  Tissue, face towels, hand sanitizers, wipes, and hats are needed. I also commend Zoobic Safari for the clean restrooms.
5. Bring your CAMERA
6. Wear comfortable clothes and I recommend wearing rubber shoes or closed shoes. Sobrang alikabok because it's super super hot so imagine na lang if you will wear slippers.
7. If you're not much of an animal person, don't come na haha! Mabaho talaga in some attractions so if you're maselan and maarte, wag na lang. 
8. Kids 4+ years old will enjoy this trip. It's actually a good interaction with animals in their natural habitat. Actually, a close interaction. Some animals like the birds are not caged at all so you can actually get near them. Meg enjoyed feeding the small animals and nothing beats a real experience than just discussing it at class. The park always has reminders in every station so just follow it and everything will run smoothly.

Go now and experience Zoobic Safari and roar your Tiger pose

Zoobic Safari
Group I Ilanin Forest
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines
Telefax: (+6347) 252-2272; (+63) 929-7072222

Website: Zoobic Safari


  1. I love your photos! You really had some fun there! In Romania, the Zoo's are more boring. We don't have so many animales, neither activities with animales.

  2. Ang tagal ng nasa "zoo list" ko nito di ko pa mapuntahan, ang layo kasi. hehehe! Ang alam ko rin, mas ok din morning kasi hindi pa busog ang tiger, pag hapon kasi hindi na yata lumalapit mga tiger kahit may food ka pa. =)

  3. Would love to go back again. We went there before sometime July couple of years back and it was really muddy :(

  4. I've been here once, when my boy was a little over one year old. He barely remembers the place so I'm hoping his new school will include Zoobic in their next field trip. :)

  5. ive been to subic a lot of times already but never been to zoobic. been wanting to go there for the longest time :D

  6. i have always wanted to see a tiger in person. i want to visit that place :D

  7. I love the tiger feeding experience at Zoobic Safari

  8. Been here for the second time last December and I had a blast! I like your photos. I enjoyed looking at the goats and sheeps. So cute! =)

  9. Went there last year, and my daughter enjoyed it immensely. I think I did too, despite my fear of those tigers :)

  10. Glad you all enjoyed the place!

    This is why I'm proud of my hometown. Hope we could meet the next time you come here.


  11. I knew Zoobic Safari when there's a discount coupon from being a member of SM Advantage. I really want to go that time and see the tiger (my fave animal) but it just can't let it happen with some circumstances. Rawr

  12. hindi pa ako nakakapunta dyan, mommy! tuwing nagpa-plan kami laging di natutuloy. sa susunod basta yayain ko na lang si M dyan. :D

    PS: super like ko Meg's outfit ha. ang sexy! hihihi

  13. Ingit mode. I've been wanting to go there with my kids pero wala tlga no time and money haha... looks like you've enjoyed it a lot. :)

    Btw sis, FB liked your blog. :) Hope you can FB like my blog. THanks! :)


  14. Looks like they really had so much fun. I also enjoyed my Zoobic Safari experience.

  15. I looks like you all had a great time and experience in zoobic, those tips are really great. Thanks for the share

  16. The last time we went here was summer of 2009, we enjoyed the tiger feeding amidst the humid, sweat, long walks and dehydration. It's part of Zoobic nature. :)

  17. My daughter enjoyed her Zoobic Safari experience too. Although we want to go back again once she's a bit older.

  18. love these picture.glad you enjoyed there.wish I could have the tiger feeding experience someday.

  19. Hope to bring the kids there anytime soon. Surely my two year old will enjoy and appreciate the amals (animals).

  20. I haven't been to Zoobic Safari yet but I'd love to go and bring my animal-loving lil sis and little cousins :D I'm sure they'd enjoyed the animal interaction and I'll enjoy taking photos and videos naman :D

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your Zoobic Safari adventure! ^^


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