Ready for Big School

Yes! My not-so-little girl Meg is definitely ready for BIG school. I bought uniforms for her and she looks like Grade 3 already haha! 
P.E Uniform
School Uniform
They have uniform shoes for P.E (Evans) and I also bought it from the school. I'm not sure how much it costs in malls but to avoid hassle, I bought it together with her School Uniform.

And look at Meg o...
Full Description

Uniform: white tetoron blouse and blue ribbon, blue duracron skirt, plain ordinary white socks, black regulation shoes, closed front and back (Mon-Thurs)
P.E: white T-shirt; blue jogging pants; white regulation inexpensive sneakers (Friday)
G.S. SAMAHAN: P.E. T-shirt and P.E. shoes (every last Friday of the month)
                       Pants: Ordinary maong (blue or black)

So basically they have three sets of uniform. I love the idea of the white uniform sneakers since girls love different shoe designs and brands. Iwas inggitan din among kids and I think more inexpensive than buying something else from the mall. 

The school also reminded to observe a sense of propriety in the use of school uniform:
- blouse properly buttoned
- skirt properly hemmed
- use a proper underwear

Pang big school na talaga si Meg no? hehe...



  1. Me, I have two kids in Grade school, a high school and a college, so maybe you could also imagine the preparations I'm doing for them, Though a bit tight on the budget, I wasn't able to buy new uniforms.

  2. I know excited you are for your wonderful daughter to go to school. Every parent has that attitude. Even my wife and I are too excited for our grandchildren to go to school. We do provide them their school needs.

  3. It seems that your kid is ready for school and the uniform looks nice especially the garment used in it. There are also uniforms which are affordable and at the same time, has a good quality.

  4. I'm sure she's excited for school to start and her friends once again.

  5. Your kid is really ready for school and looking so excited :-)


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