United Nations | The World We Want

The World We Want is a project of the United Nations. With this, they are setting plans for their goals for 2015 onwards. To know more of the views of the people, they set up a poll My World. The United Nations Global Survey for a Better World to know what the six most pressing issues in our world are today. 

How to vote?

Just go to http://www.myworld2015.org/ and choose your priorities for you and your family. After voting, you will be asked to name your ballot and share your vote.
These are random choices and in no particular order. There are still many choices like the very timely one which is "An honest and responsive government", so you will choose and vote for the things you think will make the difference for you and our country.

This is just easy guys! I think it only took me 1 minute to answer. Join me and vote now for creating a better Philippines and a better world. Our VOICE matters!

To know more about this, like their FB page: worldwewantph


  1. What fun to be able to the UN what you want. Love being able to interact and give our opinions!

  2. Thanks so much for letting me know x


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