Begin with the End in Mind: Discovering Children's Talents

Plan Ahead!

Last July's note is all about teaching independence to kids. See my post about it here. For the month of August the focus is Discovering/Uncovering your children's talents. Meg loves to sing, act, sometimes dance and do her art. Before OA talaga ako sa mga ganito - enrolling her in classes and different workshops. Minsan feeling ko ako na lang may gusto instead of her eh.

Begin with the End in Mind. This means that as early as now, let your kid/s plan ahead. Sometimes we hear them say, "I want to be a Doctor" or "I want to be a Lawyer". That's a good sign. Si Meg naman dati gusto maging Farmer, then naging Train Engineer, ngayon Dentist naman hehe... I observed kasi na kung saan sya expose, yun ang nagiging inspiration niya. The farmer and train engineer, kasi tinuro sa school about different occupations. Yung dentist idea ngayon, kasi super love niya dentist niya. =) I let her be lang. She's young pa naman, I know over time it will change.

Discovering/Uncovering Talents. Everyone has talents. It's just a matter of when and how you will discover it. As with our kid/s, we can observe what do they like doing or their interests. We can start from there. I noticed Meg likes to sing and act every time she mimics someone performing on TV. Hinahayaan ko lang. Then she learned how to use paint and watercolors. Kaya I bought her different materials to enhance it and to practice her more. Minsan topakin, minsan naman ginaganahan. Our role as parents is to help them discover more their talents. Kumbaga, nurture natin yun. Hindi yung nakita natin magaling kumanta, pinipilit natin i-shift sa ibang bagay. Guilty ako noon dito madalas hehe. We just can't avoid it, parang lahat gusto natin pagawa sa kanila. Pero mas ok na sa kanila mag-manifest ang mga ganung bagay. As they grow older, they will develop it more and it will also serve as their tool to have their own goals and dreams in life

Gratitude. We should teach our kids to be thankful of the talents God has given them. You can make a Gratitude journal together and start writing the things they appreciate. You can add to it every time they thought of something like "Thank you for my new watch" or "Thank you for my delicious baon at school'. Mga simpleng bagay lang. Bonding form na rin to para sa inyo plus you can enhance their thinking skills. 

As I am writing this post, I asked Meg what she wants to be when she grows up. Syempre yung dentist dream niya plus may dagdag na "Reading/Language Teacher" daw. Specific ah! Hehe... And she wants to dance daw ulit.

Let's see, let's see...


  1. naku ako din plan ko na din to enroll my son sa taekwondo, swimming at KUMON kasi as mom gusto natin maging ready sya at confident when they enter the BIG WORLD... scary kasi di mawawala yung mga kids na mga bully kaya gusto ko na din malaman kung saan ba sya mas ok.. my son likes KUMON Math subject.. this summer mag swimming lesson na sya.. :) pero nakikita he likes dancing & singing din.. playing instruments like piano & flute di gaano.. yoga & ballet di rin gaano like... hay nakaka praning maging nanay pero happy & enjoy ;)

    1. Hehe try one at a time dear then you'll know san ba sya nag-excel.


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