Chores for Kids

Are there any chores that your kid/s can do at home? A mommy friend shared this on our FB group and I just want to share it with you also.

Meg is now 6 and she can't do most of the chores pictured above. Yay! She can definitely put away her toys, put her dirty clothes in the hamper, sweep the floor (not perfectly), fold the laundry (her clothes only), clear and set the table (hers lang hehe). Are we spoiling her too much? 

How about you Mommies? Can your kid/s do the chores above according to their age?


  1. may representative ako from 23-10 hahaha

    pero sa totoo lang, mas marami pa nagagawa ung 3 year old girl ko kesa sa mga kuya haha

  2. This is really a helpful list! Thanks for sharing this..


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