Kieran's (my nephew) 5th SpongeBob Birthday Party

My nephew Kieran celebrated his 5th birthday party last Saturday with a SpongeBob theme. It is a simple house party and my sister just prepared a little something for the kids. My sister and BIL also made "standees" of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Kieran in his SpongeBob outfit and I think it's pretty cool! I will share the DIY steps for it in a separate post. Anyway, sharing with you some of the pictures.
Meet the SpongeBob family! Their customized shirts are from an online store (I'll update this post to share the name of the store) and look at Kieran's shoes! Eherm it's from Shoe Emporium from the Doodle shoes collection. It's a handmade art design printed on canvass material shoes. You may choose from different creative designs or you can create your own design too. 
Kieran, Meg, and my sister
Ito ang purpose ng standees! Hihi...
 The SpongeBob cake is from Heaven's Delight My cousins made it!
Meg and Kieran blowing the cake
Also the following day which is his real birthday, he celebrated another party at school.
 Super cute no? He's definitely enjoying his day with his crown and cape. Prince na prince!
 My sister brought the standees at school and these choco balls are from Heaven's Delight also.
I think Kieran is so happy with everything. You can also celebrate a simple party at home with good food, nice decorations, and just let the kids play and enjoy.



  1. That is just so cute! I love the standees, I would love to be behind the Patrick standee.

  2. cute ng family naka Spongebob shirt sila.. :) very nice yung standy nilang 3.

  3. I like the DIY Standee and the balloon letters for the backdrop, san nabibili yun?


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