Meg Select : GCompris Educational Software

I love researching different educational activities for Meg and my students. Before school started, I came across GCompris and when I saw its description, I downloaded the trial version. I navigated through it and I got interested because of the colorful graphics.

When my student saw it in my netbook, she told me they are using GCompris in their Computer subject. I was even happier to find out that I downloaded something really useful. Then Meg tried some activities and yes, she likes it. 

I screen-cap some of its features to give you an idea about it.
GCompris Home
 Discover the Computer
Play with computer peripherals
This one has keyboard activities like practice typing and also how to navigate the mouse properly. For Grades 2 and above.
Mathematical activities
This is for Grades 1 and above with activities in the four different operations, Geometry, and many more. Meg finds it a bit hard so I guide her through it.
 Discovery activities
Colors, sounds, memory, etc...
Meg loves the maze here! A bit challenging but she enjoys and I saw her in full focus! The colors and sounds activities are for kids 3 years old and above.
 Experiential activities
Various activities based on physical movement
The activities here are a bit challenging. There is gravity, free falling, etc. This is for higher grades already. See the pictures with X marks? Those are the activities that can't be opened in the trial version.
 Amusement activities
Various fun activities
Sadly, most of the activities are for the full version only.
Various Puzzles 
 Reading activities
Meg plays this! Kids 3 years old and above can appreciate it since there are alphabet and sound activities included.
Strategy games
Strategy games like chess...
For higher grades
That's it! Too bad, trial version lang meron ako. Limited tuloy. Meg wants to open some activities for her to explore kaso di naman pwede. This software by the way, plays with audio and effects so kids can really enjoy while learning. 

We recommend GCompris! How about you dears? What other computer/online activities you let your kid/s play? Share them below.



  1. It looks interesting, and I guess something I can also use for teaching. It would have been really awesome if this is for free, lol.

    1. Haha true! The computer activity is really helpful.

  2. I dont have kids of my own yet but once I do, I will be very conscious in all things that they do including this. Definitely!

  3. This isn't for free, right? Very interesting. IOS and Android meron?

    Will check this out. Thanks!

    1. Yes Apple. I'm not sure if available for IOS and Android e.

  4. My child is a tween already and this might not work for him anymore. We let him play spore. It's an online game about evolution. :)

  5. my son used to play a lot of games on my iphone before, similar to GCompris, but now his more on to blocks, building airplanes and trains. :-)

  6. pede din sa android? how much ung full version?

  7. Love it for Y, Irene! Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. This app looks great. I want it for my son, is the full version expensive?

  9. Jacob would love this! I'll get it when we get an new iPad na. :-)


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