Monopoly : Starting our Weekend Fun

I love Fridays! Yes, this has been my favorite day of the week when Meg entered grade school. Our schedule does not allow us to bond more during school days since when I come home from work around 10PM, she's already sleeping.

It's quite hard since I love our Mommy-daughter talk before bedtime so whenever I had all the time to bond with her, todo-todo na binibigay ko. Sabi nga, Quality over Quantity. That's why I love Fridays. I come home early during Fridays so I get to see Meg still awake and we can eat together for dinner.

Meg just finished her First Trimester exam so I bought something that we can bond over the weekend. Aside from the usual drawing book and reading activity book, I also bought a Monopoly board game. Not the super mahal but the cheaper/copied version lang ata 'to hihi for only P160 at Shopwise Araneta Center. I don't want to spend too much plus I don't know if Meg can already understand the concept of the game and if she will enjoy it. So here it is.
 It's made of cardboard only, not that super soft. I think ito ang unang masisira. =)
 2 dice, tokens, 32 houses and 12 hotels
 Chance and Community Chest Cards
Title Deed card for each property
Play money on a Banker's tray

Our first game, after explaining the rules, turned out well. She bought every property at first but when she noticed she's short of money already, she thinks hard muna before acquiring another property. When we were playing, I let her add and subtract numbers also, learning while playing pa rin.

Meg said she had fun playing the "Monolopy" Ay Mommy ano ulit yun? Ah Monopoly. =) I'll buy the real and mahal version next time. The game, even so classic, is fun and a great bonding for the whole family.

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