Saw this from a facebook friend and realized motherhood is really hard. When I became a mom, I've learned so many things. In teaching Meg about life and school, never did I know that SHE is the one teaching me more in life. I would never trade anything for this, being a mother made me WHOLE and a better person. I became more sensitive to other people's feelings, explore more on things, and learned my capabilities are more than I'd imagined. Meg always says Thank You to me but I want to thank her more for giving me a chance to know myself more. I didn't imagine I could SACRIFICE a lot and at the same time be BLISSFUL about it. That I could give so much MORE without expecting anything. I may not be a good mom always, but for Meg, I will always be the BEST.

The ABC's of Good Moms

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     Saw this from a facebook friend and realized motherhood is really hard. When I became a mom, I've learned so many things. In te...
     I will always love Estrel's. The only thing that keeps me from buying from them every time is their location. Aside from their caramel cakes, I also love their Food for the Gods. 

     This box of 10's costs 200 pesos. That would be 20 pesos each piece. 
     It is individually wrapped in a see through wrapper.

     The bars are made of walnuts and dates. I guess that's why it is called Food for the Gods since the ingredients are not easily available. The added crunch and the combination of the flavors made these bars heavenly and gloriously to eat. 

Estrel's Caramel Cakes
54 Sct. Tobias cor. Sct. Limbaga Sts.,
Laging Handa, Quezon City
3722965   3717938
     Sorry if this post may sound over-acting (OA) to you guys. This is Meg's first day in the school service (without me)! I'm feeling very nervous a while ago while waiting for her. Meg is always with me (except if I have work). I was thinking what if she cries or what if she doesn't want to. I waited for her outside the gate and I'm glad that she's really very happy! She told me, "Mommy, don't come to school na ha, I have school service." I am very proud that she's starting to be independent but it also scares the hell out of me. Fast forward what-ifs: she asks for permission to go out with her classmates, to go to places without me, etc... Haha that is over-acting!

     I admit I'm really a hands-on mom and a stage mom also. Every Meg's development (may it be little or big) is a trophy for me already. I want to be a part of all the changes that's happening to her. That is not so bad, eh?

My Little Girl No More

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     Sorry if this post may sound over-acting (OA) to you guys. This is Meg's first day in the school service (without me)! I'm fee...
     I always fetch Meg at school. Her dismissal time is 11 AM that made it easier for me since my work starts at 1 PM. The two teachers were talking when I arrived and Meg was playing with the other kids. 

Teacher 1: (laughing) Very good daw siya (Meg)
Teacher 2: Sabi niya e, very good daw siya. (Laughing) Sabi niya lang yun.
And they both laugh.

     I was 3 or 4 footsteps away from them. How can I not hear it? I don't know if I'm being sensitive about it but as an educator myself, I wouldn't do that in front of the parents. Yes, Meg is still adjusting to their advanced curriculum but don't they see the improvement on Meg's part? She was outstanding in the 2 spelling tests, perfect in her Math, and do well in Science, Filipino, and Reading. If she's having a hard time with a subject or two, would that be a reason to mock her? If her coloring is not as beautiful as other kids, is that a reason to degrade her? And seriously, in front of me? My daughter is just 5 years old, yes there are still times that she's not in the mood to study but is it just normal for kids?

I'm really sad and frustrated now because of these things:

1. I chose to transfer Meg to this school (Progressive) because of their teaching method and standard.
2. I always admire them because of their advanced curriculum and Meg really learned how to read now at the age of 5 without my help.
3. I can see ALL the improvements on Meg's part.

     Do they expect my daughter to be perfect? I'm sorry I kept on ranting now. I know you can understand me if you're a parent yourself. Nobody has the right to laugh at her. And if they are just joking around, joke when I can't hear or see them. I know Meg didn't understand what happened a while ago. She's just like that always, she wants to talk to other people and her teachers because she feels comfortable with them. And what did she get? THIS? I don't want to dwell on this, but I have to deal with it. But for now, I really need to take a deep breath. Sigh.
The first of the many spelling tests this school year.
   This is a continuation post. See MEG 101: Spelling List #1

  I'm so happy! Now I know Meg will enjoy her spelling test every week... :D I guess I need not to worry too much and never underestimate what she can do because of her age. I just need to be there for her always: to encourage, support, motivate, and guide her all throughout the school year. I'm one PROUD MOM again!