Frabelle Foods Premium Honey Glazed Ham: Sarap na may konting yabang!

 “Merry Christmas! Narito na ang siguradong patok na potluck na maipagmamalaki at maipagyayabang mo sa sarap"

Ang Frabelle Foods Premium Honey Glazed Ham ay gawa sa prime whole-muscle ham at pure honey, naturally smoked pa kaya naman real smokey-sarap ang lasa!

Two variants of Frabelle Foods Christmas Hams:

1. Frabelle Foods Premium Honey Glazed Ham – 1kg
2. Frabelle Foods Premium Pear Shaped Ham – 750g, 500g

Frabelle Foods Premium Honey-Glazed Ham is prepared the classic/ traditional way to produce the tastiest, most succulent hams in the market. 

What makes it distinct from the hams we grew up buying in the market?

1.  Naturally Smoked – Frabelle Foods Premium Honey Glazed Ham is smoked using real natural woodchips (instead artificial liquid smoke) that give the ham a distinct smoky aroma and taste all the way inside. Moreover, imported wood chips are used in a Smoking Machine.

As you eat the ham, you can really savor the smoky taste combined with its sweetness and saltiness. I can say it has the ideal amount of flavor. My mom commented on how soft the meat is and how tasty it gets with every bite (obviously she enjoyed it!). 

2. Caramelized to Perfection through sugar-glazing – Frabelle Foods Premium Honey Glazed Ham is topped with sugar and pure honey that is blow-torched to perfection, yielding a sweet succulent taste that enhances the meat. The hams we grew up with use jelly around the ham that usually separates upon preparation. They are individually glazed (with brown sugar) and blow-torched.

Why is blow-torching better?

This procedure of blow-torching the brown sugar on the ham makes the sweetness of the sugar mix in the natural saltiness of the ham - put together to get a full-flavored and tastier Honey-Glazed Ham.

3.  Use of prime whole-muscle ham – Frabelle Foods Premium Honey Glazed Ham is made of whole-muscle meat that comes from the ham-leg (imported from US) – the most premium and tender cut of the hog. The hams we grew up with use restructured meat by molding “retaso” meat together which separates or breaks upon cooking.

As you slice the ham, you can see the whole and fresh meat (rosy color); also it has more meat than fat.  It can be easily sliced with uniform thickness (as desired) without you worrying of breakage. 

4.  Gold Standard reflected in the packaging - The hams we grew up with don’t have a HAM SHOT in their packaging - imported from Greece. 

5.  Free Eco-pouch Bag
The pouch is a small stylish eco-bag perfect as gift this holiday season. It has a plastic covering at the bottom to prevent the bag from wetting if the ham is frozen. This is a very convenient way of handling the ham and it's eco-friendly! 

Frabelle Foods also have a Premium Pear Shaped Ham that is made of a unique blend of spices infused in the meat, giving it a tasty, juicy taste but at a more affordable price. 

     We tried it at home and they loved it. Yes, we compared it to the ham we usually buy every Christmas and I can honestly say it exceeded our expectation. We were hesitant at first since it's a new product but it's really worth a try and worth the price. It smelled of smokiness as I sliced it and it really has a natural and rosy appearance. I used a non-stick pan for this and fried it until it turned slightly golden brown.

Try it to experience the Frabelle Foods Premium Honey Glazed Ham. Perfect for sharing this holiday season and as a gift for your loved-ones and friends. As in pwedeng ipagyabang!

"Frabelle Foods Premium Honey Glazed Ham. Pure Honey, Prime Ham, Real Smokey-Sarap Taste. Sarap na may konting yabang!”

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  1. masarap ba talaga? nagtry kasi ko ng tocino nila before, walang may gusto sa bahay kaya parang nadala na ko magtry ng iba products nila.

    Happy Holiday!

  2. Yup sis masarap. Infairness naman sa premium ham nila, mas gusto ko kesa sa madalas namin bilhin every Christmas. Di ko pa natry other products nila e.

  3. "AROI MAK" meaning super delicious!!! but let's not eat too much of this. Health is wealth.

    1. Definitely Mitch. =) Thanks for the new word. Aroi Mak it is!

  4. We will probably try this before the year ends. The picture makes it looks so yummy.

  5. I agree with blow-torching ham and sugar. I learned this from the class I took at Heny Sison. It's time consuming but the result is just delish!

    1. Wow sis you attended Heny's class? I researched on the blow-torching procedure. I'm not aware of it till I read articles proving it. Thanks for the info.

  6. Thank you for this suggestion, we'll be celebrating our mega noche with my family of origin, and my mom has been wondering what food to prepare next. I hope this is available at Robinsons supermarket.

  7. Ang sarap naman! :) I wish available ang ham throughout the year kasi I super love ham :) Haven't seen this brand in Dumaguete but it looks really mouthwatering - ilang buwan na lang pasko na :) can't wait :)


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