Meg's Christmas Party 2012

     Finally! After the Moppets' in Motion (will make a separate post for this one), Meg's Christmas Party was held a while ago at school from 8:00 - 11:00 AM. I love events like this since I can be an OC Mom and a STAGE MOM once again. Haha wait for my post about her winning the 2nd place on her Poetry Presentation. Career mode talaga ko! I have many post backlogs and I decided to start with the latest "episode" which is her Christmas Party. 

     I brought Pancit Bihon for her food share because it is Meg's favorite. =)
     I thought of giving the kids lollipops/candy canes from Candy Corner but when I went to the grocery, I saw this Lemon Square Whatta Tops Limited Edition Holiday Pack.
      It consists of six individually wrapped chocolate cupcakes topped with white chocolate and Christmas candy sprinkles.
     What I did was - I removed it in the box and put sticker on each cupcake.
Margarett si Meg sa school =)
     This costs 59.50 and for 4 boxes, I managed to give the 20 kids for almost ₱240.00 only. (good buy na diba) And the kids love it!
     We were early for the party so I distributed the gifts to the teachers and school staff and take pictures.
with the girls and kulit boys
          And here's the "arte" girl...

top - Venus cut from JusTees
tutu skirt - custom made 
leggings ala stockings - from a thrift store in Libertad
boots - her ever reliable Barbie boots
     That's fashion statement without hurting our pockets. :D

     Now I can rest with all these school activities (for now). Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. waah! inggit ako, aga ng party nila. kami busy pa sa pagreview, exam week pa rin. sa thurs pa party.

    ok yung cupcake ha.

    1. Inuna yung exam nila sis. Kayang kaya mo yan. =)

  2. Supercute ni Meg sa outfit nya! Nice idea yung ginawa mo sa Whatta Tops!

    1. Thanks Anney. Buti na lang nakita ko sa Shopwise.

  3. Galing naman ni mommy at ang girl ha.. mega fashion talaga! Love her tutu skirt :)

    Spanish Pinay

    1. Thanks dear. Career mode ako ngayong taon for her. Enjoy din.


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