Our parents are SPECIAL. They’re always there – to care, guide, and love us as we grow up.

Sisters are SPECIAL. They are our best friends and will always protect and defend us when needed.

Brothers are SPECIAL. They will always be the rock we can depend on whenever needed.

Grandparents are SPECIAL. They treat our daughters and sons as their own and spoiled them so much with care and love.

Friends are SPECIAL. They say good or bad things to us but will be crazy with us forever.

Our kids are SPECIAL. They are a reflection of who we are as parents and will forever be our joy. 

Teachers are SPECIAL. They put so much impact in our lives and share whatever they know.

Jeepney drivers are SPECIAL. They bring us to our destinations safely every day.

Vendors are SPECIAL. They have the basic and simple things we need.

Train engineers are SPECIAL. They made sure we are comfortable during our travel to work or school.

Security guards are SPECIAL. They do their duties seriously.

Service crews are SPECIAL. They get our orders right and have their smile for everyone.

Policemen are SPECIAL. They keep order and peace in our community.

Garbage collectors, Janitors, and Street sweepers are SPECIAL. They get our trash and make our community clean.

Pharmacists are SPECIAL. They give the right medicine prescribed by our doctors.

Bakers are SPECIAL. They bake delicious breads, cakes, and pastries for us.

Barbers and beauticians are SPECIAL. They style our hair and pamper us anytime.

Doctors and nurses are SPECIAL. They treat us when we are sick.

Dentists are SPECIAL. They take care of our teeth and gums.

Tellers and Bank employees are SPECIAL. They assist us in our money concerns.

Chef/cooks are SPECIAL. They make our dining experience awesome with the food they cooked.

Priests and Nuns are SPECIAL. They made us listen to the Word of God and help us to be good Christians.

And most of all, GOD is SPECIAL. He made EVERYTHING and gave all these SPECIAL PEOPLE in our lives. 

Enter your posts about the SPECIAL people in your life. Let's spread the goodness and positivity to others. Cheers!

SPECIAL People in our Lives

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Our parents are SPECIAL. They’re always there – to care, guide, and love us as we grow up. Sisters are SPECIAL. They are our best f...


Bilugan ang Panghalip na dapat gamitin sa pagtukoy ng bagay at lugar.

1.    (Dito, Diyan, Doon) sa tabi mo kami nag-usap.
2.    (Doon, Diyan, Dito) sila kumain sa likod ng malayong punong yun.
3.    (Diyan, Dito, Doon) sa kinatatayuan ko nawala ang aking gamit.
4.    (Ito, Iyan, Iyon) ang kanyang gamit sa may dulo ng bahay.
5.    (Iyan, Iyon, Ito) na hawak mo ay akin.
6.    Ang perang (ito, iyan, iyon) na hawak mo ay akin.
7.    (Dito, Diyan, Doon) sa itaas ng bahay siya umakyat.
8.    Pumunta sila (diyan, doon, dito) sa bahay mo kanina.
9.    (Dito, Diyan, Doon) sa kanan mo sila lumiko.
10.  (Iyang, Iyong, Itong) aklat na hawak mo ay bago.

Piliin ang Panghalip na angkop gamitin sa pangungusap. Guhitan ang sagot.

1.    (Ikaw, Ako) Nenita, ang sumulat sa pisara ng wastong sagot.
2.    Sinasabi niyang (ako, sila) ang kaisa-isang kasama niya sa bahay.
3.    (Siya, Ko) ang magaling magluto ng ulam.
4.    Sama-sama (ikaw, tayong) kumuha ng mga mangga sa puno.
5.    (Siya, Kami) ang mga manlalaro sa paligsahan.
6.    Lahat (sila, ka) ay gustong sumali sa patimpalak.
7.    Kinuha (siya, ko) ang mga kagamitan sa kabinet.
8.    Mahusay (ka, ko) sa pagsulat ng tula.
9.    Bakit (ka, mo) binuksan kaagad ang mga aginaldo.
10.  (Kayo, Ikaw) na kaya ng mga kaibigan mo ang pumunta sa parke. 

Basahin ang mga Panghalip. Ipangkat ang mga ito ayon sa dami ng tinutukoy ng bawat panghalip. Isulat ang sagot sa tsart.

kayo                            tayo                             mo                               sila
siya                              ko                                kanila                           ninyo
kanya                          ikaw                             kami                            namin
natin                            inyo                             nila



*Sharing this for your grade schoolers. Any suggestions?

Pagsasanay: Panghalip

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PANGHALIP Bilugan ang Panghalip na dapat gamitin sa pagtukoy ng bagay at lugar. 1.     (Dito, Diyan, Doon) sa tabi mo kami nag-...

 top: Guess
Jeans: Mossimo
Shoes: Mario D' boro
Hairclips, Ponytail... :  SM

Having you made me realize how beautiful life is – that I could do so much more as a person, know my capabilities and weaknesses, and let me feel all the emotions in this world. I thank God (over and over again) for giving me the best true treasure I could ever ask for. I will be your cuddle-buddy-till-it-annoys-you, your cheerleader, number one fan, and your nagger Mom. I will always be here to support and guide you. I love you baby. You will forever be my little girl. Happy happy birthday! ♥♥♥
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     The 1st Frabelle Foodie Chef Event finals was held last January 9, 2013 at The Winebar at Café 1771 and was hosted by Issa Litton. This competition started last October 22, 2012 to all food lovers, enthusiasts, and consumers of Frabelle Foods in Metro Manila. The Foodie Chef finalists make use of any Frabelle products - Yummy! Hotdogs and Cheesedogs, Pork Ham Tocino, Longganisa Hamonado, Hickory Smoked Bacon, and Honey Ham. After a two-month online search, 5 finalists were selected by The Frabelle Culinary Center Chefs and Frabelle Foods Marketing Department. 

Hickory Smoked Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken by Romeo Julian Garcia
Frabelle Delish Muffin by Maridel Pacleb
Frabelle Meatlover's Dream by Marlon Cruz
Frabelle Trimeat Breakfast by Nathan Dapon

Stuffed Chicken by Neneth Tiongkiao Madrona
  The event started with the judges trying out the 5 entries for the competition. Sen.Escudero was one of the judges and was very eager to taste each dish. We were also given the chance to taste each entry and asked to vote for the best dish who will be given the Blogger's Choice and Media's Choice. Personally, I have two choices – the muffin (perfect baon for kids!) and the stuffed chicken. 
      As we waited for the results, we were then ushered to a feast buffet! (I didn’t imagine you can do so many dishes using Frabelle products) Ang gagaling ng mga chef na to!
       And yes the winner was then announced – Neneth Madrona won the First Frabelle Foodie Chef. She received Twenty Thousand Pesos and a one day Culinary Class at the Center for Culinary Arts in Manila. I was expecting it since all have praises for her. She really incorporated the dish with the Frabelle products and also one which the family will love. Ask what her secret is? None! – No special ingredients, but she shared also that the first time she cooked her entry and tasted it, parang may mali. Then what she did was, she removed the seasonings instead and just bet on the taste of the Frabelle products she used and that’s it! All the flavors in one dish – winner! She also won the Blogger’s Choice and Media choice award.
       The BEST part of this is that they will make this a yearly event so you can still have your chance! 

Frabelle Foods - "Sadyang Pinasarap" 

Watch this video: Frabelle Foodie Chef Finals 
      Sharing some pictures: Will update this post for more… 

Sen.Chiz Escudero tasting the entries

with Neneth Madrona - the First Frabelle Foodie Chef winner

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