Meg graduated last March 17. Yes I don't have a preschooler anymore. I feel old. (Arte mode) Anyway, the school gave the reminders about their Graduation three days before the event. 3 days ha. It was a Thursday and syempre I had work. The only time I can buy the things needed is Friday. Actually, I had this instinct they would require the kids to wear a Sunday dress but I decided not to buy muna. Buti na lang I didn't because she needs to wear a Sunday dress in pastel color and a closed shoes. I was thinking Sunday dress lang, the same thing they wore during their Moppets in Motion.

     I spent the whole morning before work and my whole evening after work looking for a dress that is not so formal but is perfect for a Graduation ceremony. I was able to find dresses, but mostly white and some naman look very casual lang plus ang mamahal! Not that I wanted a super bonggang dress, but I prefer something like the pictures below.

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      Pretty diba? Then I remembered she had a flower girl dress which I can let the modista (seamstress) to alter. Ang tanong, kaya pa ba with the time? Here's the flower girl dress.
     The plan is to cut the dress just a few inches below the knee and add on red ribbons or beads since she will be wearing black shoes with red ribbon. And dahh-rannn!...
o diba bongga na?

Promise naiiyak ako, big girl na talaga si Meg
the JUMP shot!
pa extra ha hehe
O diba you can really save a lot of money when you think of how to cut down your expenses. Hindi biro ang magpa-aral ha. In the sense na you will not just consider the tuition but also the everyday expenses plus the projects, school field trips, etc. You should learn how to prioritize without sacrificing something else. Like the dress, we can be creative and think of ideas. We can be stylish and use our imagination (sabi nga ni Barney) hehe...
shoes from Shoe Emporium
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Meg keeps on saying she’s a big girl already. Kaya ba pati outfit iba na? This is her outfit the other day. She chose the Snoopy “sando” which reminds me of the teen’s outfit from Forever 21 and the super iksi shorts from Old Navy. She’s wearing Sandals from Florsheim which is really a GOOD BUY.
Hair Accessories from SM
O ha, sexy back =)
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OOTD: Meg's Sexy Back

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Meg keeps on saying she’s a big girl already. Kaya ba pati outfit iba na? This is her outfit the other day. She chose the Snoopy “sando” wh...
McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop (For kids aged 6-12 years old)
 1. Download the Registration form here , fill it up and submit to the nearest participating McDonald’s store. Participating McDonald’s stores are listed on their website. 
 2.  Applications will be screened and qualified participants will be contacted by a McDonald’s representative and assigned to a batch for the workshop.
 3.  The Kiddie Crew workshop period will be in batches spanning from April 1 to May 30, 2013. They will be asked to go to the restaurant for 5 days, for 2 hours per day.
 4.  There will be a P550 Registration Fee which is inclusive of: 

  Activities for the Kiddie Workshop:

Values-formation Lecture

On-floor Restaurant Training

Song and Dance Sessions

Art Workshop (Burger Making and Color Your Own Apron)  

They will also provide Kids’ meal for the 5-day Workshop. On the 5th day of the Workshop, there will be a Graduation for every participating store, and a Grand Graduation will also take place at the end of summer for all the participants. 

  To know more about the workshop, visit their website McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop

Kids in Stripes 2013 Summer Workshop! (TGI Friday's) 

Registration fee: P1000 Inclusive of daily Kiddie meals, art materials, and t-shirt.

There will be limited slots for this 3 day workshop so Hurry and Inquire at a TGI Friday's near you.

Visit their FB page: TGI Friday's 

Photo source: TGI Friday's

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