Antipolo Day Trip

Yeeha!! Spell BUSY? It can also be written as IRENE. Hihi... I have so many things to write but I can't seem to find the proper timing for it. There are a lot of reasons I can't write a good post. For one, Meg's schedule is crazy! I wake up at 5AM and prepare everything for school. I send her to school but the school service fetches her back (no choice). Another, my schedule is as crazy as hers! I have 5 regular students this school year from Makati all the way to Katipunan. I start around noon and come home from work at 10PM. Not that I am complaining ha, I love what I do and I love being a hands-on Mom to Meg, but changes and adjustments seem to come simultaneously and I can't keep up. Give me one month more and I can finally say Darna! :D

Anyway, we were able to squeeze some family time last weekend. If you've been following my IG account (eneri0411- where I post random every day pictures, you know where we spent our family bonding. We went to Antipolo last Saturday. Why Antipolo? I remember we always go to Antipolo when we are kids to hear the Holy mass. So we started our family bonding at Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage with a 7AM mass.
The church is still the same. The only new thing I think is the very modern Adoration chapel at the left side. Also, the church is undergoing a renovation.
Kuya, Nanay, and Meg
Yes, she is praying
After the church visit, we bought kasoy, suman, and bukayo then we went to Via Dolorosa for the Station of the Cross but too bad it's closed. Since the kids are too excited to swim, we proceeded to Bosay Resort. I personally chose the resort because they have many amenities from cottages, rooms, and VIP rooms. Well I wasn't expecting anything grand naman as long as the kids will enjoy, ok na yun!
Well, I'll just post some pictures and give you my feedback of Bosay Resort after.
Sorry I had to post this kahit si may moment si Manong sa likod hihi
Turtle pool
VIP room
Olympic pool
Infinity pool
Storm Wave pool
Storm Wave pool
hihi lookie it's a trash bin! Cute no?
Therapy pool
my nephew Kieran and my sister
The reason why I go for Bosay resort is because it has many rooms/cottages you can choose from. We will just stay until 5PM but Nanay wants to sleep so we got the VIP room. You should pay the entrance fee (Adult: P170 Children: P140) aside from the room rate. Well the room is good for 2-4 persons only but outside the room, we have an umbrella type of cottage so this is not a problem. The room is clean, with good Air Conditioning, and spacious. The kids had a good sleep for two hours, the only issue we have is the water supply - medyo mahina.

The hotel (pictured above) is for those who want to stay overnight. I love their hotel design, native but quite modern with a wooden design that's perfect for the area surrounded by trees and plants. Nakakarelax tingnan. It's big but I find the rate too pricey. You can find the rates here.

The resort has many pools so if you worry about the crowd, you may transfer to the other pools. The problem with some pools, too much chlorine - masakit sa mata. That's why we bought goggles for the kids. We swam in the Turtle pool, kiddie pool, and therapy pool. We wanted to try the Disco pool and Storm Wave pool but we're not allowed because we are not wearing proper swimming attire. Yun pala, they have certain guidelines on what to wear in the different pools. Some pools are ok with shirt but with specialized pools like the Olympic pool, Storm Wave pool and Disco pool, you need to be in your proper swimwear. It's ok lang din for me since I enjoyed the other pools na rin. I recommend the therapy pool by the way. Super relaxing as in! Literal na pumikit talaga ko habang floating floating hehe... 

I also love that they maintained the resort's trees and plants, with a modern touch. Plus, when you check their website - it's updated and the pictures are real hehe what I meant was when I saw the cottages, it's really the same in their website. Diba some hotels and resorts naman, maganda lang sa picture no pero sa totoong buhay wala na lol. With them, even how simple the site and the pictures, at least yun na yun! =)

We walk around the resort and I don't like that some roads are too steep and uphill (pictured above with my sister in Darna position) - not safe for kids. And when you walk around with the kids, pagod sila for sure hihi. They have complete facilities and life guards are doing their job properly. All the pools din pala, regardless if it's a kiddie pool or not, start at 3ft so the kids can still enjoy it. The pools also have proper boundary marks and labeling (5ft or 6ft). 

So overall, in a scale of 1-10, where 10 is best, I give Bosay Resort a 6. And the most important thing as always, the kids had fun and enjoyed swimming.

Bosay Resort
Marigman Rd. Ext. 
Brgy. San Roque Antipolo City
Tel:(+632)661-9011; (+632)661-9012; (+632)695-1807; (+632)703-7973


  1. Ok naman pla sa Bosay kapag hindi over-crowded. nagpunta kasi husband ko jan last summer super daming tao. Hindi daw sila nagenjoy.

  2. Nice resort... i guess it's worth trying :)

  3. Ang bait naman ni Meg! Good girl for praying dear. Always make your mama proud of you! :)

  4. Bosay saka Loreland ang favorite resorts ko sa Antipolo. Sobrang affordable ng entrance fee nila compared sa ibang resorts na ilan lang ang pools and hindi naman ganun kalaki at malinis.

    I'm sure nag-enjoy ng bongga si Meg diyan. :)

  5. Okay pala Bosay Resort? Akala maliit lang yung lugar haha. Ang dami palang amenities!

  6. Haha! Spell busy talga? Naririnig ko na to Bosay resort na to from my SIL. Pero Loreland pa lang natry ko sa Antipolo for my son's 2nd birthday.

  7. photobomb by manong! hahah

    looks like you had fun in Antipolo :)


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