CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins: Mothers' Choice for Champions

I don't think much of vitamins/supplements to give Meg compared before when she was younger. Yes, she still drinks her vitamins and I am confident that since she eats a lot now, it is already enough for her. But I guess I am not totally right.

Last June 13, I was invited to the Champs vitamins launch along with other Mommy bloggers. 
Before the launch, Dra.Maria Lourdes Escobar discussed all about vitamins and shared these tips:
  • Before giving any supplement to your child, evaluation by a Pediatrician is necessary.
  • Give the supplement at the same time of the day to establish a routine.
  • After a meal is the best time so that absorption is enhanced and stomach upset is prevented. (except for specialty medication prescribed by the doctor)
Meg takes liquid vitamins until now, this time without having to play airplane-airplane, choo-choo train, or brroomm-brrooommm for her to open her mouth. Believe me I tried all the tips during her younger years not to mention some vitamins has an after-taste and smells like medicine. Familiar scenario, eh? Good thing there are more choices now in the market and CHAMPS is definitely a must-try for kids.
Alina A. Iledan, Business Manager for CCMIP-Pharmaceuticals Division introduced CHAMPS and its variants.
CHAMPS is a brand for multivitamin preparations designed for the health and wellness of the Pediatric age group. It comes in several variants - CHAMPS Vitamin C, CHAMPS M, CHAMPS M with Lysine, CHAMPS C plus Lysine, and CHAMPS Omega 3.

What is so good about CHAMPS?

CHAMPS multivitamins come in small chewable tablets (YES!) and in various shapes and tasty flavors. Our kids can take the vitamins the fun way because CHAMPS come in candy form and with good flavors (orange, pineapple and tutti-fruitti) to suit the taste of children.

CHAMPS Vitamin C (Fun Vitamins for Protection)

CHAMPS Multivitamins (Fun Vitamins to Maintain General Health)
 CHAMPS Multivitamins + Lysine (Fun on Taste, Big on Appetite)
 CHAMPS Omega-3 Plus (Brain Vitamins for Kids)
CHAMPS C + Lysine (Fun Recovery Vitamin Combination)
Where can we buy CHAMPS?
These are available at Mercury Drug, The Generics Pharmacy, Generika, and other leading drugstores nationwide. Look at the different prices, fair right? These are imported by CCM Pharmaceuticals Division.

The Chemical Company of Malaysia(CCM) is the largest generic company in Malaysia. It has 4 big manufacturing plants in Malaysia that have been recognized by both local and international bodies for its good manufacturing practices. 

So if you are having a hard time letting your kids drink vitamins, try CHAMPS chewable vitamins (with your Pedia's advise),  just put vitamins away well out of reach of children, so your child does not take them like candy. Also, only half a tablet is allowed for kids below 2 years old (again consult your Pedia first).

And REMEMBER: Vitamin supplements are important to our kids' health especially those with special cases and diseases, however, a balanced diet and good eating habits should come first.  

I'm happy I was part of the Bloggers Get-to-Know Champs Day. The event was super organized, intimate, and very informative. Thanks to Ms.Mylene Marquez and CCM for inviting The Wh-o Mom. Until your next event? 

Here's a picture of me, Glaiza of Moomy Musings and Rina of Rina's Rainbow

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