Inventors' Lab | SM Science Discovery Center and Vitapops

As a Mom, I still look for new innovations that will enhance my daughter's learning and skills. Kids nowadays get bored with books alone and enjoy the interaction with educational toys and socializing with other kids.

With this, I was very lucky to be able to witness as SM Science Discovery Center partners with Vitapops for the launch of Vitapops Inventors' Lab in a pop-rock-themed party last May 28 at the South Pavilion of SM Mall of Asia.
different booths at the launch
Danica Sotto-Pingris and her son
The said launch was hosted by Danica Sotto-Pingris with her son who also enjoyed the different activities during the event. 
During the launch, the kids participated in the contest in building innovative creations using the different parts of the construction toys. Other participants also took part in games and activities, including the pop rock concert, featuring various musical acts.

For Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center and its partner, Vitapops - Unilab's first and only pop rock vitamins for kids - there is a greater need to develop a specialized area that would promote ingenuity and creativity thus the creation of the Inventors' Lab. This partnership aims to gear kids up for a full childhood experience where they get to experiment and discover the fun wonders of science through this collaborative campaign. It would also accentuate the parents' role in ensuring that their kids are 100% healthy and protected.

"The Science Discovery Center has always been at the forefront of edutainment. We firmly believe that learning occurs when you provide children with an enjoyable atmosphere in an encouraging and protected environment. In this exhibit, with the help of our partners at Vitapops, we want to create exactly that,' said Arturo Carballo, Jr., Senior Operations Manager of the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center.

This first Inventors' Lab, which can be found at the second level of SM Mall of Asia's South Side Entertainment Mall, will feature construction toys that stimulate the minds and creativity of kids. There are also Kinect Interactive video games, which the children can enjoy among many other activities lined up for them.
Look how kids busied themselves with materials they could actually touch, connect, and think of many possible ways to form something from it. 
These are some of the things your kid/s can create at the Vitapops Inventors' Lab. Amazing, right?
The new partnership between the recently revamped Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center and Vitapops, the fun pop rocks Vitamin C, aims to be parents' partner in their task to EDUCATE and PROTECT their kids to ensure that they are able to ENJOY a full childhood experience. 

I'll definitely go there again with my daughter Meg to let her experience, learn, and enjoy the Vitapops Inventors' Lab - PLAY, BUILD and LEARN.

Vitapops Inventors' Lab: P150 for 2 hours
Bundle Treat ( Vitapops Inventors' Lab + Nido Science Discovery Center) : P450

Vitapops Inventors' Lab
2nd Level Southside Entertainment Mall
SM Mall of Asia


  1. Your first paragraph just made me think how lucky kids are these days. Learning today is more fun and interactive. In my time, we had no choice but to pour over long, poorly illustrated books. Hahaha

  2. The event must have been a lot of fun! Too bad I wasn't able to attend.

  3. Nice place for kids. I think I'm gonna take my daughter there one day na mapadpad uli sa MOA.

  4. I have heard a lot of Vitapops from my Tita who is also a blogger. She also let her kids attend this kind of event as it is a way of learning to my very mischievous pamangkin! :)

  5. I'm sure my daughter would love it there too. We've been to the Nido Discovery Center before, but this inventor's lab is definitely new.

  6. It's nice that kids now can have places like discovery center where they can have interactive fun and learn about science.

  7. what a super fun event! will bring my kids here soon :) thanks for the info.

  8. wow nice place to! im so proud of vitapops ang dami nilang endeavors to kids :D nice event :)

  9. Hi Miss Irene! Thank you so much for attending the event! We're so happy that you were able to witness our grand launch. Please continue to give your kids / pamangkins Vitapops, the fun pop-rocks Vitamin C from Unilab! :) It's definitely something they would enjoy + it's healthy as it contains Sodium Ascorbate, which is tummy-friendly and it only has 1/5 sugar content versus other regular candies. :)

    Hoping to see you again at one of our events:)

    ~Vitapops team


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