Ito Na! Coca-Cola Mismo Sarap-to-Carry 300mL

As much as I don't want to divulge how I love Coke, I could not deny the fact that it is always present on our table. Remember the super-hot summer we had? I know all of us, in some way, had to drink more ice-cold Coke to quench our thirst. During birthdays, fiestas, ordinary fried-days, and even just dining out, Coke is in every occasion we can think of. 

Coca-Cola once again launched a new part of their brand in three malls over the Metro- Ayala Trinoma Mall, Ayala Market! Market! Mall (Taguig City) and Glorietta Mall (Makati City). Crates were placed in these malls respectively and the unveiling of the said crates was done last June 8.
I was at the Trinoma mall to witness the launch of the Coca-Colas's new offering.
The event was hosted by Ms.Iya Villania.
The UE Pep Squad opened the event.
At this point of the event, fans were literally screaming so hard while waiting for the Coke Ambassadors Enchong Dee, Julia Montes, Joseph Marco, and Kathryn Bernardo. When Iya introduced the four celebrity ambassadors, the crowd literally went so intense and filled the Trinoma Activity center with storming screams! While they were so ecstatic about seeing their idols on stage, I was struggling so hard to get a good shot for this post haha!
Joining them are the four Glee stars Jacob Artist, Melissa Benoist, Dean Geyer and Becca Tobin. I thought the screams will subside but once again when the Glee stars entered the stage, the fans even doubled their screams! I am a fan of Glee but I think I lose a part of me since I am really trying so hard to take a nice and clear picture.
When the LED countdown timer nears zero and the time to unveil the crate came close, the Glee stars together with the Coke Ambassadors, went toward the crate and that's the time the fans followed them and all I can hear are their voices hehe... 

At the time that the crate was unveiled, the whole of the TriNoma activity center witnessed the birth of the Coca-Cola Mismo 300 mL pack
The Coca-Cola Mismo 300 mL at only P10 allows more Filipinos to enjoy delicious taste and unique refreshment in a 300ml PET bottle that is easy to carry anywhere. For young troopers who are always on the go, say bulky bottles or even plastic bags from sari-sari stores no more, Coca-Cola Mismo provides instant access and portability to that ice-cold bottle of happiness.
Coca-Cola continues to be the catalyst for happiness and with this event, the fans surely had so much fun and made that afternoon a certified Coca-Cola Mismo Day like no other. 

The Coca-Cola Mismo Sarap-to-Carry 300mL at only P10 is available in sari-sari stores in Metro Manila. Itong ito na talaga!

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  1. I try not to drink soda very often, but I am now really craving for Coke. :)

  2. It's nice that they got young ambassadors to promote the coke brand to the new generation.

  3. Wow! Mukhang enjoy ang event. :)

  4. Cute ng bottle and for P10, quenching your thirst need not be expensive, but of course I would not recommend you drink more than a bottle a day, a week at least:)

  5. I love pairing coca-cola with a banana cue especially in the afternoon. more happiness in a 300-mL bottle

  6. I never was inlove with coca-cola till their campaign with names on the bottle.

  7. Havent tried this one yet but y officemates were talking about this new fad.

  8. Nice! So wala na yung coke sakto? I am not a fan of sodas only my hubby and i am sure that he will enjoy the new look of coca cola.

  9. I was supposed to be at this event but I had to attend to a work-related conference! :P But I've been buying COKE MISMO bottles even before the launch. Its super convenient nga coz with the
    ban of softdrinks na pinaplastic, this is a cheap easy to carry coke you can grab at your nearby sarisari store. :)

  10. Coke has always been one of the best brands and they are continually giving customers what they want.
    -Wanderer Juan

  11. The plastic bottle still looks sexy. :) Coke zero is always included in my grocery list.

  12. I too try to veer away from Coke, but it's true, this intense heat makes one crave for an icy cold bottle of Coke more often! We usually get the Kasalo size kasi sakto for my husband and I lang, but this one is great when you're out solo.


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