How to Strengthen your Kids' Faith

Thank you Lord for this wonderful day.
We love you so much. Amen.

This was the prayer I heard from Meg (my daughter) the other night. Quite amazed but not really surprised, I asked her what the prayer is for. Meg answered: E dapat Thank You lagi tayo kay Papa Jesus, diba?

Yay medyo nahiya naman ako sa sagot ni Meg hehe... It's quite understandable that she is starting to be aware of things like this because of her school and I am actually pleased. So I thought, How will I strengthen this budding faith?


Prayer is one of the first things I taught Meg in her growing years. The simple definition that we could give our children is that Prayer is a way of talking to Jesus. In praying, it should be natural that the minds of our children should speak. Meg would always say, Lord thank you po sa Cheez Whiz kanina, ang sarap po ng tinapay ko. See? Ang simple lang naman ng gusto ng mga bata.

I always encourage Meg to pray all the time. As she opens her eyes in the morning to thank the Lord for another day, as she start her day at school to give her the wisdom the whole day, as she eat her snacks and lunch to thank the Lord for all the blessings, as she end her day at school to guide her, and as she close her eyes at night to thank the Lord again. I would also pray aloud and ask forgiveness and ask the Lord for something I earnestly need or want and I would explain it again to her. Kids look up to us so we need to look best for them.


Sacrifice is a big word but to our kids, how can we be able to explain this? If you save a part of your baon and share it to a friend, that is SACRIFICE. If you stayed at the classroom for a while to wait for your classmates, that is SACRIFICE. If you give your toys and clothes for the less fortunate, that is SACRIFICE. Sacrifice is something hard to explain to our kids and I admit, this value is a continuous learning process not only for Meg, but also for me.

Jesus said to grow in holiness, we have to give it all - sacrificing something or giving up something for a better cause. This may sound something so difficult for the kids and even for us adults. But the only way to continue to strengthen their faith is to explain that LOVE means to be able to develop the habit of sacrifice - may it be small or big.


The best way to teach love is to be again role models for our kids. Meg and her cousin Kieran would always fight over small things and Meg will not easily forgive or forget what happened. Sasabihin ko naman, diba love mo sya? Dapat di kayo nag-aaway. I know it is not always the case, kasi minsan may nakakaaway din naman tayo diba? In reality, we should show love to our kids and to other people so that they could also love in return. It's better to start at an early age so that until they grow into adults, they would still continue loving. 

Love is the most precious gift that God has given us. In the case of our relationship to our children, showing our love to them is very important so that they will always be comfortable to us and our bond will be strengthened. That way also, they can reflect that love to other people. Sabi nga, we should love everyone, even our enemies. Medyo higher level na yung enemies, so little by little lang natin yun ipa-manifest sa mga kids. =) 

Sharing this song that you can also teach to your kids.
Little by little every day
Little by little in every way
Jesus is changing me
Since I’ve made a turnabout face
I’ve been growing in His grace
Jesus is changing me
He’s changing me, my precious Jesus
I’m not the same person that I used to be
Sometimes it’s slow going
but there’s a knowing
That one day perfect I will be.
I can't find a kids' video for this but just to give you an idea of the tune, here it is:


Nice no? I know I am not that super knowledgeable and spiritual able to share all the tips on strengthening our kids' faith but it all boils down to one thing --- LOVE

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