KidzYoga Australia Intensive Teachers' Training: Yoga is Awesome for Kids!


How are you guys doing? I missed this little space of mine in this virtual world. If you've been reading my blog (I hope you do!), you know I've been very busy with work and helping Meg with her adjustments in big school. So I'm very delighted that we had some Mommy-daughter bonding over the weekend which Meg literally "enjoyed".

We were invited to a Kids Yoga event at Palms Country Club at Filinvest Corporate City in Alabang. 
When I told Meg that we will attend a Kids yoga event, she was kind of scared that she cannot perform well since Yoga is new to her. Before the yoga proper, Teacher Grace Hetherington (Founder and Head Teacher of KidzYoga Australia) discussed what the event is all about and the many benefits of yoga for kids. Teacher Grace is a Certified Yogakids Teacher and Trainer, Licensed Pediatric Nurse, and a Registered Power Yoga Teacher.
Basically, the event is about their Teachers' Training in cooperation with Kids One Yoga on October 4-7, 2013. This is a 4 days intensive training (8 hours a day) that would benefit those who want to learn to teach yoga for kids. We were asked to bring our kids so that we can experience on-hand and see for ourselves how yoga helps the little ones in terms of de-stressing (yes our kids can be under stress, too!), enhance their flexibility, relax, balance their energy, and also build their self-confidence.

What is KidzYoga Australia?

KidzYoga Australia is an education-based yoga program specifically designed for students and how they learn. When the kids, together with Teacher Krissy and Teacher Grace, started the Yoga session, I observed that kids really paid attention. This is good for those who have short attention span. Meg is not really an attentive listener but during the Yoga session, as teacher Krissy said something, she did follow all the instructions. What I love most about KidzYoga is they integrate learning through Yoga. They incorporate animals, places, and different things. The kids used their imagination and sort of travelled to a different dimension while learning. And if your kid is a little bit shy, don't worry. The teachers have this soothing voice that will motivate and encourage them to follow everything they say. 
Meg is ready!
Teacher Krissy teaching kids how to do the Namaste

Namaste (I bow to you) is a deep form of respect. It is done both at the beginning and at the end of the yoga class. 
Look how the kids enjoyed the yoga session! They are super fun to watch. After a yoga session, they also teach kids to be responsible and keep their own mats.
And here's a very candid class picture!
Reasons why Yoga is awesome for kids:

1. It maintains flexibility and strengthens growing bodies.
2. Enhances concentration.
3. Increases self-esteem.
4. It teaches present moment awareness. 
5. Cultivates a Peaceful, Relaxed State of Body and Mind
6. Gives tools for Stress Management.
7. It sparks Creativity in Ripe Imaginations.
8. Encourages Kind Peer and Social Interactions.
9. Enhances Body Awareness.
10. It teaches Discipline and Responsibility.


So join now! 

Parents, Teachers, Yoga Teachers, Therapists, Doctors, and Counselors are encouraged to join the training. You don't need a Yoga experience for this and for me; I highly recommend this training for Preschool teachers or those in Playschool. This would benefit not only you but your students also. Plus, the teachers are great! 

OCTOBER 4 – 7, 2013


CALL/TEXT:  0915 – 8965327

For more details about the training, visit the Kids One Yoga website: kidsoneyoga 
Like them on FB: KidsOneYoga 



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