OOTD: Wannabe Barbie

Meg has this habit of choosing her own accessories and anik-anik when we go out. I don't know where she gets the idea, TV cable perhaps?

This was her outfit when we watched the advance screening of Barbie in the Pink Shoes. You can see my post about it here. 
Skirt-168 Mall
Hair accessories-SM

Look at her ring, hair tie yan. Cute yung idea no, then sakto pa na heart yung design. 

I don't know if this OA side of me is thinking so much but sometimes I feel that Meg is growing too fast. I can't parent the way when she was little since she has been constantly changing until now. The only thing that has not changed is that I still call her baby and our mother-daughter talk before bedtime. I am happy seeing all the moments in her life but pleaseeee not so fast! :(

Well, she may be growing up too fast but she's still my baby, nah --- my kikay Barbie wannabe. =)

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  1. So kikay! They say it's a good practice to let your kids choose what they want to wear. It encourages independence and discovering their own style. My daughter is starting to do the same too. How cute can they get?! right!? :)



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