Plan Ahead!

Last July's note is all about teaching independence to kids. See my post about it here. For the month of August the focus is Discovering/Uncovering your children's talents. Meg loves to sing, act, sometimes dance and do her art. Before OA talaga ako sa mga ganito - enrolling her in classes and different workshops. Minsan feeling ko ako na lang may gusto instead of her eh.

Begin with the End in Mind. This means that as early as now, let your kid/s plan ahead. Sometimes we hear them say, "I want to be a Doctor" or "I want to be a Lawyer". That's a good sign. Si Meg naman dati gusto maging Farmer, then naging Train Engineer, ngayon Dentist naman hehe... I observed kasi na kung saan sya expose, yun ang nagiging inspiration niya. The farmer and train engineer, kasi tinuro sa school about different occupations. Yung dentist idea ngayon, kasi super love niya dentist niya. =) I let her be lang. She's young pa naman, I know over time it will change.

Discovering/Uncovering Talents. Everyone has talents. It's just a matter of when and how you will discover it. As with our kid/s, we can observe what do they like doing or their interests. We can start from there. I noticed Meg likes to sing and act every time she mimics someone performing on TV. Hinahayaan ko lang. Then she learned how to use paint and watercolors. Kaya I bought her different materials to enhance it and to practice her more. Minsan topakin, minsan naman ginaganahan. Our role as parents is to help them discover more their talents. Kumbaga, nurture natin yun. Hindi yung nakita natin magaling kumanta, pinipilit natin i-shift sa ibang bagay. Guilty ako noon dito madalas hehe. We just can't avoid it, parang lahat gusto natin pagawa sa kanila. Pero mas ok na sa kanila mag-manifest ang mga ganung bagay. As they grow older, they will develop it more and it will also serve as their tool to have their own goals and dreams in life

Gratitude. We should teach our kids to be thankful of the talents God has given them. You can make a Gratitude journal together and start writing the things they appreciate. You can add to it every time they thought of something like "Thank you for my new watch" or "Thank you for my delicious baon at school'. Mga simpleng bagay lang. Bonding form na rin to para sa inyo plus you can enhance their thinking skills. 

As I am writing this post, I asked Meg what she wants to be when she grows up. Syempre yung dentist dream niya plus may dagdag na "Reading/Language Teacher" daw. Specific ah! Hehe... And she wants to dance daw ulit.

Let's see, let's see...
Our family loves looking at deals over the net. Looking lang ha hehe... Then my sister purchased these GAP Digital Sports watches for Meg and my nephew Kieran from CashCashPinoy.
Mukha namang ok di'ba?

So after the confirmation of payment last Thursday, I expected the delivery yesterday and in fairness, na deliver nga. =)
Awww bakit walang plastic yung isa?!
I tried setting the time and date a while ago and it's super easy. The instruction is on the paper attached in the watch.

Product Information:
  • ideal for kids 5 and up
  • material: Polyester
  • 8.5 inches from end to end
  • has a digital number display (easy-to-read watch for kids)
  • fitted with an easy hook and loop strap for security and comfort
I chose the Neon Green Guitar design for my nephew and the Red Lightning design for Meg.
The strap is sturdy but I just hope it's not painful when in contact with the skin.

What I like about it:
  • It has bright colors.
  • It is light.
  • The digital display is large.
  • You can change straps.
What I don't like about it:
  • The strap is a bit hard that's why I said I'm concerned if it will hurt the kids' skin. Update: Surprisingly, Meg has been using it for a month and she told me it doesn't hurt at all.
Retail Price: 1350
Deal Price: 599
Too bad Meg can't wear it at school, too bright kasi yung color.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

GAP Digital Sports Watch for Kids

by on 9/26/2013 11:06:00 am
Our family loves looking at deals over the net. Looking lang ha hehe... Then my sister purchased these GAP Digital Sports watches for Meg a...
I have a sweet tooth. If you're one of my followers on IG (eneri0411), you know that I am constantly giving in to my sweet cravings. I shared a post also about my favorite cakes here and Red Ribbon is definitely included. When I saw the TVC about their latest Dedication cake which is affordable and can be personalized, I thought that it's a good idea so that families can enjoy it even at home with a simple party.
 8x8 Personalized Dedication Cake for only P299! 
Favorite ko to ever, super moist and chocolatey.

I got an invite last week (September 19, 2013), to a Red Ribbon lunch and I initially thought that it's for the promotion of their new affordable cake. I didn't know that they will also be launching something really convenient and useful at the same time - the Dedication Cakes Birthday Budget Planner. It makes celebrations easier and more convenient for us Moms who stick to our budget but still make sure that we give the best and special party for our kids

The Birthday Budget Planner - helps budget a party for you. It points you to the right direction to help you get everything you need, from the delicious Red Ribbon Chocolate Dedication Cake 8x8 to the decorations and where to get refreshments for the celebration or party. Just put in your budget, and the Red Ribbon Party Planner will help you get the most out of your budget! After planning on the website, just print your list of party suppliers and go!

You can also write the dedication directly through the microsite.
Let's try it step-by-step:
1. Go to 
2. Just click Connect to Facebook after typing all the details and you may start planning.
3. Click Let's Plan.
Yan na yung lalabas after. Super customized di'ba?
4. Choose the budget and the number of people and they will do the allocation of your budget. 
5. Click next at the upper right side and now you can choose (click the star at the left side) from different party suppliers (just hover over the different options inside the cake and click). Pakita ko different options ha as I click.
Cake - will show you different Red Ribbon branches
Food - different food suppliers
Drinks - drinks suppliers
 Party favors and supplies suppliers
Rentals suppliers
6. After choosing the suppliers (madami pa options ha, yung pinakita ko lang e first few choices listed), click Finish.
7. Then you can print your planner. Eto yung kinalabasan ng sakin. 
Easy lang mga Mommies, try niyo.

If you're on party planning mode, just go to and explore it. All you need to set is your budget for the party and the Birthday Budget Planner will do the rest. 
 Thank you for inviting us Red Ribbon and by the way, the food in Aracama is superb!

For more information and updates about Red Ribbon, visit their website Red Ribbon bakeshop and follow them on:
Facebook: Red Ribbon bakeshop 
Twitter: @IWantRedRibbon 
Instagram:  redribbonbakeshop

Red Ribbon Bakeshop was founded in 1979, along Timog Avenue in Quezon City. The high quality and delicious products of Red Ribbon Bakeshop quickly became a Filipino favorite, and in 2005, Jollibee Foods Corporation acquired Red Ribbon Bakeshop to add to its renowned portfolio of truly Filipino chains.
Are there any chores that your kid/s can do at home? A mommy friend shared this on our FB group and I just want to share it with you also.

Meg is now 6 and she can't do most of the chores pictured above. Yay! She can definitely put away her toys, put her dirty clothes in the hamper, sweep the floor (not perfectly), fold the laundry (her clothes only), clear and set the table (hers lang hehe). Are we spoiling her too much? 

How about you Mommies? Can your kid/s do the chores above according to their age?

Chores for Kids

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Are there any chores that your kid/s can do at home ? A mommy friend shared this on our FB group and I just want to share it with you also...
I love Fridays! Yes, this has been my favorite day of the week when Meg entered grade school. Our schedule does not allow us to bond more during school days since when I come home from work around 10PM, she's already sleeping.

It's quite hard since I love our Mommy-daughter talk before bedtime so whenever I had all the time to bond with her, todo-todo na binibigay ko. Sabi nga, Quality over Quantity. That's why I love Fridays. I come home early during Fridays so I get to see Meg still awake and we can eat together for dinner.

Meg just finished her First Trimester exam so I bought something that we can bond over the weekend. Aside from the usual drawing book and reading activity book, I also bought a Monopoly board game. Not the super mahal but the cheaper/copied version lang ata 'to hihi for only P160 at Shopwise Araneta Center. I don't want to spend too much plus I don't know if Meg can already understand the concept of the game and if she will enjoy it. So here it is.
 It's made of cardboard only, not that super soft. I think ito ang unang masisira. =)
 2 dice, tokens, 32 houses and 12 hotels
 Chance and Community Chest Cards
Title Deed card for each property
Play money on a Banker's tray

Our first game, after explaining the rules, turned out well. She bought every property at first but when she noticed she's short of money already, she thinks hard muna before acquiring another property. When we were playing, I let her add and subtract numbers also, learning while playing pa rin.

Meg said she had fun playing the "Monolopy" Ay Mommy ano ulit yun? Ah Monopoly. =) I'll buy the real and mahal version next time. The game, even so classic, is fun and a great bonding for the whole family.

Monopoly : Starting our Weekend Fun

by on 9/21/2013 02:53:00 am
I love Fridays ! Yes, this has been my favorite day of the week when Meg entered grade school. Our schedule does not allow us to bond more d...

I posted about my nephew's 5th birthday on the blog and let me share the DIY standees my sister made for the party.
If you're just planning for a simple party at home, you can make this one to add as decoration for the party, pang instant photo booth na rin. No need to make "gastos" ng bongga, you just need Balikbayan boxes, a nice layout, and your creativity!

You need:
Balikbayan box/hard box
Glue/glue stick

Here's how:
1. Choose and make the layout.
2. Print in tarpaulin.
3. Cut the outline of the design leaving at least 1 inch from the edge.
4. Using glue stick, glue the tarpaulin in the Balikbayan box (or any big box) as long as it is hard. A Balikbayan box is hard enough to make it stand and is easy to cut also.
5. Cut the layout of the tarpaulin in the box using a cutter.
6. Using excess boxes, make the stand at the back. 
What do you think? Easy right?  

Total cost for the 3 standees: P700

DIY : How to Make Party Standees

by on 9/16/2013 11:24:00 am
Heeyah! I posted about my nephew's 5th birthday on the blog and let me share the DIY standees my sister made for the party. If y...
My nephew Kieran celebrated his 5th birthday party last Saturday with a SpongeBob theme. It is a simple house party and my sister just prepared a little something for the kids. My sister and BIL also made "standees" of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Kieran in his SpongeBob outfit and I think it's pretty cool! I will share the DIY steps for it in a separate post. Anyway, sharing with you some of the pictures.
Meet the SpongeBob family! Their customized shirts are from an online store (I'll update this post to share the name of the store) and look at Kieran's shoes! Eherm it's from Shoe Emporium from the Doodle shoes collection. It's a handmade art design printed on canvass material shoes. You may choose from different creative designs or you can create your own design too. 
Kieran, Meg, and my sister
Ito ang purpose ng standees! Hihi...
 The SpongeBob cake is from Heaven's Delight My cousins made it!
Meg and Kieran blowing the cake
Also the following day which is his real birthday, he celebrated another party at school.
 Super cute no? He's definitely enjoying his day with his crown and cape. Prince na prince!
 My sister brought the standees at school and these choco balls are from Heaven's Delight also.
I think Kieran is so happy with everything. You can also celebrate a simple party at home with good food, nice decorations, and just let the kids play and enjoy.

Over the years, I am very concern on how well  Meg can sleep at night. Yes, even until now, I always see to it that she won't get disturbed while sleeping. Meg's sleeping pattern (now that she's 6) is way different when she was still a baby. My mother (since I arrived around 9 to 10 PM from work) makes sure that Meg sleeps at exactly 8 PM or before 9 PM. I want her to have a full sleep especially during school days because we wake up early for school. I admit it's much easier now, unlike when she was still a baby that we experienced sleep issues.

I remember I had a hard time, or as to say, I had no idea what seemed to be the problem whenever Meg wakes up at the middle of the night when she was still a baby. Madalas kabag ang problema namin nun and lahat naman ata e pag basa ang diaper diba? When our baby wakes and cries, the initial reaction is to check the diaper, then as the baby stops crying, we feel better din as parents. Syempre nagigising din tayo pag gising si baby. But did you know that as you check the baby's diaper for wetness, we interrupt their sleep

What will happen if our babies are sleep-deprived? It is associated with:
  • stunted growth
  • weight problems
  • low attention span
  • delayed learning
  • behavioral problems
With this, Pampers understands the importance of a good night of quality sleep for baby and for the family. Pampers launched the Sound Sleep, Sound Development campaign, in partnership with the Mother & Child Nurses Association of the Philippines (MCNAP). “This campaign aims to educate moms on the importance of complete night-time sleep for babies. 
I was able to attend the said event last Monday, September 9, at the SM Megamall event center. 
The event was opened by Mommy Pehpot and Topaz Mommy Frances as they share their experiences in putting babies to sleep and to make sure they get a complete night-sleep.
Also, Sleep experts MCNAP President Alicia Estiller and Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine (PSSM) Dr. Luis Rivera Jr. also agree that complete night-time sleep is very important to baby’s development and growth. It is associated with more positive daytime behavior, mood and temperament, and better physical functioning,” adds Mrs. Estiller. However, many factors can disturb a baby’s sleep or lead them to wake fully, such as hunger, illness and discomfort. “That is why moms should learn to identify these external factors so they can appropriately address baby’s concerns,” says Dr. Rivera. 
(L-R) Frances Amper-Sales, Pehpot Pineda, Pampers Brand Manager Camille Aquino, MCNAP President Alicia Estiller & Dr. Luis Rivera Jr. from the Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine
In the event, there are four interactive booths showcasing the baby’s dream world and providing key information to help moms better appreciate the importance of complete night-time sleep to babies. Informational highlights of the booths are current sleep practices of babies through a sleep survey among moms, different interactive games to help moms better understand their baby’s sleeping habits, and the positive and negative effects of complete sound sleep towards baby’s holistic development. There's also a special booth, which served as Mom’s Helpdesk, for free consultation and product demonstration with Sleep Experts. 
Different interactive games and booths
 Ang mga mudrabelles na kasama ko sa event =)
 Thank you Monika for this bonggang pic! Visit her blog Mom Gone Vain. Ako yung naka-red ha lolz.

Through the Sound Sleep, Sound Development campaign, more moms will understand and better appreciate the importance of sleep.

To find out more about the Sound Sleep, Sound Development campaign, please visit the Pampers Facebook page and watch out for Pampers activity in supermarkets near you.

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