Family Day 2013

Last October 26, 2013, Meg's school had their annual family day. The event started with the field demonstration of the different grade levels. I will be sharing some pictures of the said event.
Meg during the field demo and with her teacher and friends

I was on the third floor taking pictures so feeling aerial shots lahat hehe... Nanay (my Mom) and Kuya (brother) were late and weren't able to watch the whole demo. 
After the field demonstration, we started to have fun! We took Meg to the different rides - ferris wheel and velocity swing. We then feast on the different food booths, ang dami!
I think there are 4 inflatable play area like this. 

In the afternoon, there's a Bingo game and a Raffle. We didn't win hehe... Anyway, Kieran (my nephew) joined too. They again enjoyed the rides, games, and hey there's a kalesa ride inside the school. Aliw!
We had so much fun! 

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  1. Hi! What's the name of the school?


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