I'll be at the Blogapalooza 2013!

Hey guys! I started this personal blog because I wanted to document all the milestones and developments of my daughter Meg. I didn't know it would be fun meeting other Mommy bloggers online who also share the same sentiments or also experience the things I experienced as a Mom. It's just a big BONUS that I was able to be at some events and meet other bloggers, too. 

Anyway, this weekend would be a different thing. I'll be at the Blogapalooza 2013. Yeehee! This would be my very first big event so far. What I meant when I said BIG is that there would be 400 bloggers (along with me) who will be there. Very exciting!
The event will be on November 16, 2013 at the SM Aura Convention Center
 See you blogger friends. Cheers!

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