Look Good and Feel Good about Yourself

I admit I don't feel good about myself sometimes. Err maybe all the time? You know, I'm not that pretty, I am fair-skinned, and I am FAT. Yes I am not this big before but due to certain circumstances a.k.a katakawan and no discipline, I gained so much weight without realizing it. I know it's not defensible and I need to do something about it but since it will take more time to lose so much of this fats, I just need to focus on prettifying myself. But how?

Dress appropriately and nicely

I love wearing dresses and overlapping tops (because I'm fat? lol) plus cover ups. With my size, I usually buy from CLN and Terranova. Their clothes fit me well plus they are stylish. I also saw a very chic cover up from Zalora. Look at the model from Zalora, so me! 
Check it out! http://www.zalora.com.ph/KATH0023C-Dolman-Cover-Up-103451.html
You can also pair this with a very comfy wedge. Super beautiful!
This wedge is super affordable, too. http://static04-ph.zalora.com/p/ezra-9656-327911-1-zoom.jpg

I'm not much of an accessory person. I just wear a simple watch but when I started attending events as a blogger, I see the need to be trendy to look good. Maybe a collar necklace and a simple bangle will add to a very sleek look. I also love big bags (tote) that would fit everything in. 
You can pair it with this classy necklace http://www.zalora.com.ph/Josue-Necklace-121286.html
Apply a simple Makeup

I don't know how to apply a good one but I can say I'm slowly learning how to do it. Minus the eye part and contouring ha. I just blend my moisturizer, BB cream, and foundation then I apply a light lipstick. But choosing the right makeup for you might be confusing, I mean for me also. What I do is, I read reviews and recommended products from beauty experts. 

Take Care of your Face

Different products can help you take care of your face. You should have a daily routine for it. I'm so happy there are a lot of beauty products at Zalora that you can choose from. Makeup, hair care, different tools and accessories for applying makeup, and also products for skincare. Perfect! You don't need to go around the mall, you just have to browse and click, so easy! It is a good site, there are so many great products and some are even on sale. It's not just for fashionable women; even Moms like me who don't have the time for looking good can find many things at Zalora.

Zalora: http://www.zalora.com.ph/

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  1. you actually look oh so fab! who said your ugly? remember this..."The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years. - Audrey Hepburn


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