Meg's Field Trip without Mommy

Meg and I are always together when going out. When the school told us that they would be having a field trip but parents are not allowed, I was a bit worried at first. You know, with my OC-ness and my being an OA Mom, I'm not sure if she can handle it already. But because the little girl was very eager to join her classmates, I have no choice but to allow her.

I prepared sandwiches and cookies for her baon and pork adobo for lunch. I can feel she's starting to get annoyed with my non-stop reminders already but what can I do? I'm one paranoid Mom! hehe... Anyway they went to Greenbelt to watch the Repertory Philippines' "Alice in Wonderland", Philippine Air Force Museum, and Dolljoy Gallery Museum. 

The things they need to bring:
  • jacket
  • face towel/towel
  • tissue
  • plastic bag
  • extra uniform
  • cap/umbrella
The super stage mom strikes again!
O di'ba too excited, naka-jacket na agad lol... Meg said she super enjoyed the trip. Ang tipid magkwento e, sabi lang nag-enjoy siya. No details. hehe...

I feel like I'm starting to be a carefree Mom, choz! You Mommies, do you worry too much?

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