My Blogapalooza Experience

Hey dearies! How are you? I mentioned I will be attending the Blogapalooza event last weekend and so I did! I was kinda' late for the event and arrived there with people in queue at the different booths. I saw my Mommy blogger friends when I was in the registration table. Denise of Bebengisms, Kim of Mom on Duty, Serene of Nurse's Diary, and I met a fashionista Mom (who happens to be a friend of Serene) of Mamanee's Nest.
Vince Golangco of When in Manila with Philip (Lifestyle Guy)
My initial impression was that I was like in a bazaar! Hehe a good bazaar though since bloggers were busy registering, exchanging cards, playing games and raffle in every booth. I decided I'll start at the number 1 booth and I eagerly asked each booth questions regarding their product/company or services they offer. Feeler lang! Hehe... 

Anyway, sharing with you some of the pictures of the different booths. I didn't take as many photos as I wanted since I am literally having a hard time carrying my bag and all the eco bags given by the different booths. Serene helped me na nga to arranged it, she was just so poised. Bongga! Hehe... Anyway I had fun!

The Mind Museum. I had fun in their booth since you need to answer something to win a prize and I won!
Bounty Fresh
 Chef's Noodles
 Plato Wraps
The lunch served is also yummy.
 Sarap neto!
Finally the only booth that I know will make Meg (my daughter) will scream with delight. 

Richprime Global Inc. They are the leading distributor of branded children's products in the Philippines.
You can also like them on Facebook: Richwell Club

There were also different speakers who talked during the event. I love Ms. Ana Santos, she's so straightforward. Well that's it! I'm glad I became part of this event - totally an experience.


  1. Next time, let's all reserve time after an event to have coffee man lang! Hahaha.


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