Handcrafting: Table Napkin Holder

Part of Meg's (my daughter) 2nd Trimester's project is to make a table napkin holder. I am not a crafty person but all the materials including the wood are packed in a set. Instructions were given also; all I need to do is to assist her in doing it.
wood patterned swan
wood glue
different decorations (butterfly, star, flower, etc.)
wiggly eyes
1. Get the sandpaper. Use the grainy part to polish the rough surfaces of the wood to smoothen its edges and sides.
2. When the sides and edges are smooth enough, get the plastic of wood glue and cut a small opening.
3. Apply enough amount of glue onto the side of the base of the napkin holder.
4. Attach one side first and press it firmly onto the base with glue. Repeat the step to the other side of the napkin holder. Let the glue dry. (I let it dry overnight)
5. Use the decorations to design the sides of the napkin holder. Since the shape of the napkin holder is a swan, put the two circles on the head part to make eyes and then decorate the body with flowers and other shapes available. You can even draw something like this.
Finished product

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