Oh, I Worry Too Much!

Do you ever have this feeling that you want everything to be perfect? Or when something is wrong you feel very disappointed and frustrated? Just please raise your hand so I won't feel I'm starting to lose my sanity here (lol).

I worry too much, I worry about little things of little or no importance, or the things that are not yet happening or about to happen. I'm just so concern that this crazy thing inside me will make me an "obsessive worrier". Now I worry that I worry too much! 

I found this Worry Test online - http://www.anxietycentre.com/anxiety-tests/worry-test.shtml.
Go to the site to take the test.

Results ranged from 1 to 100 with descriptions to know your level of worry.
And here's my score.
My Worry Score is 62. Waaaahhhh! 


61 - 80
This is a moderate to high level of worry.

People who worry to this degree have a high likelihood of developing
a stress or anxiety related condition and/or depression. Worry at
this level also severely restricts a person's life and most often
negatively affects their health.

We highly recommend you seek anxiety help, personal coaching, or
counselling assistance to help reduce your habit of worry.

Is this for real? (defensive mode lol) Inhale, exhale. I really think I need to start shifting my thoughts to other things. I read in one article, You must give up your belief that worrying serves a positive purpose. Minsan kasi I tend to worry more so that I can convince myself that I am doing something or I am very concerned about the problem. But that is so wrong pala. Worrying and Problem Solving are two different things.

I guess I need to stop overdoing things. This is very hard but learning to trust the uncertainties is a good start. It's hard for me to detach emotionally also. So this process will take time. I'm starting to read this - How to stop Worrying.

I just really hope I can find all the strength to stop this habit before it worsens. You guys? Do you worry too much? 

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