Hello dearies! I said I'll be sharing every detail of Meg's 7th birthday Barbie party in this blog. I first featured the tiara that she used by Flaura Tiara by B&V here. 

For this post, I would be sharing the Barbie tarpaulin design. I'll just share the pictures and if you want the design, just let me know and I'll send it to you. 
I chose the Barbie Fairytopia, Barbie Mariposa, Barbie of Swan Lake, and the silhouette of Barbie Fashionista to add to the design of the tarpaulin. The pictures are in 3D to have that Pop Up Effect.

I didn't make any styro backdrops but I have two standees at the entrance (will show them on my next post) and our DIY Barbie photo booth. We used styro cutouts for the top part which is "Meg's 7th Birthday".
If you want this design, just send me an email at arielle_meg@yahoo.com

Facebook celebrates its 10 years with a sentimental look back from all your timeline posts. I saw this on a friend's timeline and because I am "gaya-gaya", I tried it myself and honestly got a bit emotional seeing posts that are important and memorable for me.

The video started with a collage of different pictures (mine would be my family, Meg, and my friends) followed by the year I joined Facebook. Then I saw my first moments way back 2009 when Meg's still a toddler and my "kapayatan" and "humpak" days. Haha! My most liked posts and shared photos are of Meg, me, my friends, and of course my family.

Thank you Facebook, it was a mushy-bushy feeling as I watched it. 

Sharing the video with you dearies. Enjoy! It's actually a reflection of who I am and who the important people in my life are. Sending you air kisses as you watch it. Mwaahh!

Hi again dearies! How did your January ended? For me, Meg celebrated her 7th birthday last January 26. You can check some pictures from my IG account - @eneri0411. It was just a simple party to celebrate another stage in her life. Di'ba parang debut ng kids yun before ng real debut which is 18 years old. Ewan, ang daming arte. Hehe... Before naman, we don't have like that. But IMO, I wanted Meg to experience it since the last birthday party she had was when she was 1 year old.

I will share every little detail about the party in this space and let me start with her floral tiara. I wanted a different crown and not the usual princess crown so when I went to Divilandia twice, I looked for something nice but ended up finding the fake flowers that are so ordinary. I then tried searching online and on Instagram and I found Flaura Tiara by B&V @flauratiarabybv#

She has a wide selection of very chic and elegant floral tiaras not just for kids but for all ages. 

Her floral tiaras are:
  • elegant
  • customized according to theme (she has a lot of theme already)
  • unique
  • stylish
I chose the Gazella style and viber-ed her about my order. Meg's birthday was Sunday and it was Wednesday already so I asked her if the tiara is available. I paid that exact day also and the item was shipped the following day and I received it on Friday. Super easy and no hassle transaction! Also, she is the sweetest. She calls her clients "loves". Plus, the product is safely packed. 
Look how lovely Meg is wearing the tiara! This style costs P400+, sorry I forgot the exact amount.
You can check Flaura Tiara by B&V in her Instagram account - http://instagram.com/flauratiarabybv#

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. 

Flaura Tiara by B&V

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Hi again dearies! How did your January ended? For me, Meg celebrated her 7th birthday last January 26. You can check some pictures from my I...
Hey dearies! How are you? Last December 6, 2013, I was at the opening of the Baby & Family Expo 2013 "Welcoming Life, Love & Care" at SMX Convention Center. The expo is not only a bazaar but also an event complete with activities for the whole family. It is also a learning experience as speakers shared their different advocacy for the family.

The opening ceremony started with the Media and Guest Registration followed by the welcoming message from Mr.David Abrenilla (Chief  Executive Officer of MediaCom Solutions, Inc. and Managing Director of the Baby & Family Expo PH 2013).
The Ribbon Cutting was also done by Mr.Abrenilla together with the representatives from the major sponsors of the Expo.

I found a lot of nice booths at the Expo.

Tiny Buds
 This very cute Baby Rosary from Little Luli and Luiz
Walnut PH
 Smart Steps
 Happy Cream Puff
McDonald's Toy Bazaar
There was also entertainment from McDonald’s Ronald and the Gang. 
Other brands who participated during the Expo:

UNOVO Enterprise - this one I am very curious since they are offering flood guard over-shoes, just what I was looking for during rainy season so that Meg won't wet her shoes and socks.
Baby Love Studio - offering Fine Art Portraiture for Newborns, Babies, Kids & Expecting Moms
Mommy's Little Boss 
The Little Bugger - selling chic and unique dresses for your princesses 
Finch soles - offering cute footwear for you and your kids
Prima Mercadona - you know Nenuco and Denenes? Prima Mercadona offers these colognes for a much low price!

I guess there would be another one like this from the organizers of the event. Congratulations and thanks for having me. =)

Baby and Family Expo 2013

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Hey dearies! How are you? Last December 6, 2013, I was at the opening of the Baby & Family Expo 2013 "Welcoming Life, Love & Ca...