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I remember Meg had focus issues especially when she started schooling. She would do great with the lessons at home but a different thing at school. She was easily distracted by her classmates' noise and won't be able to focus with the activities. She would lose her school things most of the time. Adding up to my worries when she entered big school are: Would she be able to communicate confidently? How will she behave socially with her classmates? Yes I'm one paranoid Mom.

Last March 20, 2014, I was invited to the BrainFit studio for a tour. BrainFit Studio started in Singapore and expanded across different countries in Southeast Asia including the Philippines. Currently, BrainFit Studio Philippines has two centers - Greenhills and Binondo; and another center in Makati is opening on April 1, 2014.
image from BrainFit studio
In analogy, we need to exercise the different parts of the body to be physically fit. Same with the brain, we need to enhance the different parts with appropriate activities to make it fit. This is how the BrainFit studio works. It is not just another academic center wherein your kids will have drills or worksheets but instead, their programs will target the 5 Brain Pillars that form the foundation for all learning.

What are the 5 Brain Pillars?
  • Attention & Memory
  • Sensory Motor Coordination
  • Auditory & Language Processing
  • Visual & Spatial Processing
  • Social-Emotional Self-regulation

How does BrainFit works?

The first step is to make an objective assessment of the child's Brain Fitness with CognitiveMAP™. It is an evaluation tool that determines which of your child's 5 Brain Pillars need enhancement. After this step, they would make recommendations and design a program that best meets your child's needs. All the programs at BrainFit Studio are conducted according to the SMART™ Protocol:
  • Set personal objectives (setting appropriate and achievable goals)
  • Measure with CognitiveMAP™
  • Adapt activities to abilities (choose the correct brain fitness training program and level, based on the individual's brain fitness profile)
  • Re-wire through focused practice
  • Transform brain for total performance
Going back to our tour, there are 5 programs in the BrainFit studio.

SENSORY MOTOR - SMART Moves™ aims to strengthen the child's Sensory-Motor brain pillars using a gym-based program that will enhance the Gross Motor skills and Fine Motor skills.
 Those are trampoline. The kids will jump on the trampoline but they would follow a certain beat so they should focus on what they hear to be able to do the activity correctly. Also, they will practice their motor skills in holding a pen and writing using a vibrating pen. It's kind of hard ha. But imagine if they will be able to write perfect curves using the vibrating pen, how much more when they use an ordinary pen?

VISION - SMART Vision™ aims to improve the child's Visual brain pillar series of movement activities.
image from BrainFit studio
AUDITORY - Smart Listening™ uses patented technology to target rapid improvements in listening and language skills.
ATTENTION - SMART Focus™ uses state-of-the-art neuro-feedback technology to effectively build key cognitive and attention skills for peak performance.
EMOTIONS - SMART Emotions™ aims to build emotional intelligence in children aged 6 to 16 years old through proven methodologies.
image from BrainFit studio
After the tour, Jeanette Yu Co discussed the advantages of BrainFit method and how important it is to strengthen our children's brain.
What I did realize, with all my introductory questions above and after learning so much about our brain is that BrainFit focuses on the foundation needed for our kids to learn. Brain fitness training builds mental efficiency and when the brain is efficient, everything else follows. Great right?

The SMART Programs are for children 4-18 years old. Contact BrainFit Studio for an appointment to assess if your child needs BrainFit methods. Also, there will be an open house in Makati on March 26-27 where you can avail of the Cognitive test for 50% off. Just call 8163273 for inquiries.

BrainFit Studio branches:

Greenhills Branch:
3F, 224 Ortigas Avenue
Greenhills, San Juan
725-8500; 668-2719

Binondo Branch:
GF, 974 Benavides cor Soler St.

Makati Branch:
@ Toddlers Teachers Inc.
108 HV Dela Costa Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati

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