The Mind Museum's Second Year Anniversary Celebration

Hello dearies!

Last Saturday, March 22, 2014, The Mind Museum celebrated its second year anniversary with a Media Family day. They invited us with our families to wander, explore, and interact in the world of Science through the museum's different galleries, their new exhibits, and the educational programs they will offer this summer.
image from Mind Museum
To say that my little lady was excited would be an understatement. She was very curious on what's inside the museum and was asking me if she could enter the gallery right away. Upon registration, Aedi welcomed us at the museum's entrance.
We then proceeded to the hall but before the program started, we were pleased by the food choices and its good taste. We tried Kyle's Lab ( first and his tuna and egg, Pesto Cheese, and cheese pimiento shaped-sandwiches with octopus shaped hotdog. The Iced Tea with Popping Spheres is a super hit to us. Meg had fun feeling the sago-like ball pop inside her mouth. The dessert tiramisu pot is so good and got the little lady very curious because it really looks like a plant. Good job Kyle!
Uncle Cheffy also served us with their different pizza flavors and nachos. Sophie's Mom delighted our taste buds with sweetness of the cookies, cake pops, and the super moist red velvet cake; and Sebastian's made the little lady very happy with her cookies and cream ice cream.

While enjoying our food, the program started with the interview of Manuel Blas II (Managing Director) and Maria Isabel Garcia (Curator) of the Mind Museum as they talk about the pride that the museum was designed by Filipinos for Filipinos. The purpose of the museum is to increase understanding of science not only for kids but also for adults.
After satisfying our stomachs, we were advised to start our Wide-Eyed Wanderer's Exploration. Each family was given passports to be stamped in each quest. It's like Amazing race! Let me take you through the adventure that the little lady enjoyed.

image from The Mind Museum
We started exploring at the Universe gallery. Meg was amazed with all the exhibits she saw. I was surprised at first because I thought she would get bored seeing unfamiliar things. It's a good thing though, that she started asking questions and took an interest to learn about it.
Meg looking at the telescope and Kuya discussed all about orbit and rotation.
image from The Mind Museum
Meg got really scared passing through the tunnel craft (see picture above). Well, I got a little dizzy too hehe. This connects the Universe Gallery and the Earth Gallery. The rotating tunnel simulates the travel between outer space and earth featuring images from the Hubble telescope.
image from The Mind Museum
We got to watch also the full dome planetarium show Back to the Moon for Good. This show premiered last February 22, 2014. After watching it, I asked Meg if she understood the film. She said, yes it's the moon. =)
The different phase of the moon

We proceeded to the Life Gallery wherein we had to play a mini-game. Using the mini microscope with UV light, we should be able to see the hidden message in the different objects (rocks, minerals, paper). 
The second activity was to watch the Wild Conversations and answer which animal is your favorite. Meg answered tortoise!

1 - Meg doing the Whirlpool
2 - Kuya explaining light and asks Meg what does she sees
3 - Science Demo

The big bar of chocolate and its Molecular structure. This exhibit is very eye-catching not only of its size but because it's chocolate! Kids will be curious on what it is and what the interconnected balls are. 
Static ball. This would be the 2nd most embarrassing moment in my life not only because of my double chin but people were like super laughing because of my hair. This ball works by Static electricity and can make your hair stand (well for me it did work well). =)

There are 7 Exhibition at the hall but we only tried the Beauty Lab (on how to make lip balm) and the Junior Mind Movers (preview of the Mind Museum's summer programs).
We didn't win but we were able to explore the rest of the museum's exhibits. 
Finally, we met Stan the T-Rex.
A simulation of how mountains are built
The Human Story
The Human Brain
The avenue of life - connects the Life and the Atom Gallery
 This one was one exhibit that Meg recognized because they already studied about it at school. I explained it further and she truly understood the behavior of particles in Solid, Liquid, and Gas.
Periodic Table of Elements and the things that represent it
This exhibit explained Newton's Third Law of Motion - For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. 
Meg inside the "bucky ball"
 As Meg enjoyed this X-ray scan, your kids will definitely be curious on how it works. The little lady did this thrice hehe...
 Meg met Mimo! =)
 It was a super fun day to learn! Thank you so much The Mind Museum for inviting us. Happy 2nd Anniversary. =)
"The Mind Museum inspires you to understand things for yourself."
The Mind Museum is a great place for children and adults to enjoy and learn at the same time. Everything inside will get your kids' attention and will interest them. Bring your kids here dearies! Check the awesome programs they will offer this summer The Mind Museum Summer 2014 Programs .

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