Things You Need for Swimming Class

Hello dearies!

How are you? It's officially summer time and I know we are now focusing on keeping our kids busy and thinking of different summer classes for them. Meg started her swimming class this morning. Yes I enrolled her with her cousin. Let me give you an idea on the things you need for swimming class (if ever you decide to enroll your kids).

Their coach advise us to buy swim cap, goggles, arm bands, and of course swimwear. We bought everything at SM Store; the swimming accessories at the Toy Express section.

1. Swim Cap 
 Brand: Intex
Material: Silicon
Price: ₱ 169.75

2. Goggles
Brand: Intex
Price: ₱ 199.75

3. Arm Bands
Brand: Intex
Price: ₱ 99.75

4. Swimwear
 Brand: Sandbox
Price: ₱ 699.75
There are so many nice and cute swimwear to choose at SM but I decided to buy Meg this rash guard, iwas itim? =)
They didn't actually use the accessories this morning but my nephew Kieran since he is in the toddler class, should be in complete gear. 
My nephew Kieran in action
Meg is in level 2 already although this is her first swimming class. She's like super scared when the coaches guided her but she did well. Meg is kind of sensitive when it comes to putting water on her face so the activity of blowing bubbles in the water is a major achievement. She submerged her face and blew bubbles out of her nose. This activity will teach them how to control their breathing. 
She also managed to walk at the middle of the pool (chest deep) with the guidance of her coach. She's the youngest in her batch so the coach told me she will make it a one-on-one session for her since her batch mates were like doing freestyle already. I thought she'll be afraid and won't come back but she told me she wants to learn more. Well, not bad for the first day right?


  1. Good luck Meg! No swimming lessons muna kami today. #ayawumitim :)


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