First Week of Grade Two

Hello dearies!

The little lady is now Grade 2! Her first week of class went well. She went home very happy on the first day because they didn't do anything daw, they only passed all their requirements and put their books in the bookshelves. She told me, "Ang saya sa Grade 2!"" Haha she thought they won't be doing anything for the entire school year. ☻

On their second day, the school opened the ramp for kids with trolleys. Meg's room is at the 2nd floor already but I initially let her use her old school backpack because I wasn't sure how safe the ramp is for the kids. I observed the going up and down of the kids with their trolleys and was convinced the ramp is safe and more convenient for them. I also like that the ramp is not that steep and the engineer was there the first time it was opened to watch carefully if everything will turn out fine. There's also a person assigned to assist the kids at the ramp.

I bought a trolley and chose the one which can fit a long folder inside and the rest of her school materials won't crumple also. Well obviously, the little lady likes her bag so much. Yay sana naman till next year buo pa rin, ang mahal!

They now have their regular lessons and I can feel that Meg became more responsible and independent. She managed to pull off her first week with: No lost pencil and ball pen, well arranged school things including her health kit, and clean lunch box. Ummmm I hope it stays that way... ☺


  1. My son is in grade two also this school. He was very excited on the first day. He woke up at around 5am. But I guess I was more excited since I woke up at 4.30am and started preparing his baon and things for school and I have to drive him on his first day of school before I go to work. He seems very happy on his first day upon arriving to school and as a proud mom, looking at my son that happy makes me feel 3x happier inside. I never worry much about him at school because I know for a fact that my son is brave enough and I'm confident that I taught him well already in preparation for school. To make it short, when I got home from work, my son has a lot of stories to tell about his first day at school. Surely, he will feel the same through the rest of the year.

    1. My daughter is getting the hang of it also. Good luck to us. =)


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