Our Maleficent Movie Experience at Trinoma

Hello dearies!

How are you? I am feeling more occupied now because classes are about to start on Monday. Yay summer flew by fast but I am grateful that the little girl enjoyed her vacation with her swimming class, playdates with cousins, and events I let her attend with me.

Last week, we were able to watch Maleficent when TriNoma invited us to its special screening. TriNoma cinema is not new to us since we watched few movies there with the whole family. I know Meg and I would enjoy our movie experience because it is nice, the seats are cozy, and the screen is wide. 
Did we like the Maleficent movie? Well, I already knew that the movie will highlight the other side of the story of "Sleeping Beauty", on why is Maleficent bad and cursed Aurora. There are some boring and predictable parts in the movie but I love how they inserted whimsy dialogues and remarks that my little girl giggled into. Disney makes their modern take in their past movies into a true situation that exists in our present time.

So these are the things that are true based on the movie and at hand now:

1. “There is a very fine line between loving life and being greedy for it.” - Maya Angelou
                    Greed will always end up with negative things. If you have no contentment and will do anything for your ambitions, it will definitely turn you into evil. It's not a bad thing to desire something like to be successful, powerful, or famous; but don't let it contain you. You might end up hurting other people just to get what you want. Your ambitions may mean the world to you but there's more to it - peace of mind, love, and happiness.

2. It's not the circumstances, it's you. - Oprah.com
                    Others who watched the movie said that Maleficent became bad because of circumstances. Yes it can be that way but it doesn't change the truth that she chose to be that way. There are many bad things in our life, but we must be able to combat it. I don't think this is easy since we always decide things based on our emotions and feelings on a certain situation. We let the circumstances control us without realizing the bad effects it will cause to other people. And when we do realize it is bad, it's far too late to change it. 

3. While seeking revenge, dig two graves - one for yourself. - Douglas Horton
                    Revenge doesn't do good at all, you will eventually regret it. If you will be tempted to seek vengeance from people who hurt you, just think of the golden rule, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If you will not stop thinking of doing revenge to your enemies, the whole course of revenge will not stop until it consumes both parties.
4. No matter how far you've gone down the wrong road, you can always turn back. 
                    People have this perception that if you're bad, you can't change it. I have to disagree with this. There will always be bad decisions in life but when you learn to accept that you're wrong, you can always turn things around and be back on track. Nothing is perfect in our world and we have to have that courage to be a better person not only for ourselves but for other people as well.

Maleficent's "true love's kiss" established the fact that "true love" can't only be found in a man-woman relationship but can also be manifested in our love for family and friends. It was just fantastic that the movie highlighted not only about the "true love's kiss" (the Frozen way) but also substantiate that people can get along even with contradicting characters. Just as a punk getting along with an emo, or a proper gal with a mean girl, and a chatty lady with a speechless man. At least, Disney managed to make the movie into something that is really happening in the real world, not the fairy tale per se. 

And that's the other side of the story. ♥

Thank you TriNoma for inviting us! As always, your cinema didn't fail us. It might be cold inside the cinema but it sure did left our hearts glowing with warmth.

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