Thermomix: World’s Smallest and Smartest Kitchen

I'm an amateur in the kitchen. Well I do cook at home and Meg loves it but I am not that confident if I will serve my dishes to other people. I am in charge of her baon at school and those are just simple dishes that don't require an advanced cooking skill or strategy. Admittedly I want to learn more...

When Thermomix invited bloggers in their studio through Mommy Bloggers Philippines, I researched about the product first and learned it's a practical super kitchen machine. But there's more to it than my research suggests.
Thermomix studio
Thermomix studio kitchen
Modern Innovations Enterprise’ through partnership with Vorwerk Group of Germany is the licensed distributor of Thermomix in the Philippines.
Before the cooking demo using Thermomix, the brand manager explained to us the different parts of this kitchen wonder. Over the years, it has been innovating and well-researched of and has the accessories for all cooking needs.
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What does it do?

Thermomix can replace over 10 appliances in the kitchen.  It can be your blender, food processor, cake mixer, juicer, bread maker, ice cream/yoghurt/sorbet maker, mincer, steamer, rice cooker, coffee grinder, food miller, purees, whisks, emulsifies, scale and more.  It saves time, money and space by having One kitchen appliance that can do all and even make your cooking experience fun.

Fresh juices with fiber, one minute fruit sorbets, real ice creams or perhaps a café latte, Thermomix can do it all.  Use the fruits in season and make fresh fruit juices without the mess or create your own healthy sorbet masterpiece.

Make and knead pizza dough/ breads from real grain and enjoy the goodness and taste of getting back to basics.  Thermomix can also mill rice into rice flour, mill fresh coffee, grate chocolate; pulverize sugar into icing sugar with ease.

Prepare, cook and puree soups all in one bowl. Create fantastic sauces right at your fingertips.

Make risotto, pasta dishes, paella and more delicious meals with no stirring and done in minutes.

Healthy cooking that retains the food’s natural color and nutrients through gentle steaming via Thermomix Varoma.

Make real custards with no additives; jams, homemade preserves and desserts.

Prepare baby and children foods fresh and natural without additives.

 So what did they serve to us using Thermomix?
  • hot chocolate
  • puto
  • lemonade
  • leche flan
  • chicken adobo
  • pork binagoongan
  • buko shake

With the puto and leche flan, all the ingredients were scaled and blended using the Thermomix. What I approve most in these processes is that you can measure the ingredients exactly without using more tools so it lessens the time preparation and also the clean-up. The puto and leche flan mixture were then steamed using the same machine since Thermomix can also function as a steamer.
leche flan
The lemonade was prepared without difficulty. Chef measured and pulverized the sugar and after a few seconds, it turned into a confectionery sugar. I was also taken by surprise (honestly made a HA remark) when chef tossed the entire lemon inside the mixer, with the sugar, and started mixing it. Adding water and ice created our very delicious and guaranteed healthy lemonade.
The Pork Adobo, Pork Binagoongan, and Buko shake were prepared easily. The garlic in Pork Adobo was sautéed in the Thermomix also. By the way, all of the food they served tasted like our own home-cooked meals. The plus factor would be the ease of the cooking and the time of preparing and cleaning up. You can even do other things while cooking using Thermomix and you can be sure that you prepared a healthy food for your family.
Pork Adobo
Pork Binagoongan
Buko Shake

So, how much is this kitchen wonder?

Yee it's 78,000 and covered in a 2 years warranty. Well, it really is expensive but I think it's worth the investment. My blogger friend has this and referred to the Thermomix as her "gem" in the kitchen. The machine also comes with a cookbook with over 160 recipes and guidelines on how to handle the different parts. 

Uhmmm I actually included this in my wishlist. Thermomix also promotes healthier way of cooking and eating. Undeniably, Thermomix is your practical choice for a smart kitchen.

Thank you Thermomix Philippines for inviting us.

To know more about Thermomix:
Modern Innovations Enterprise
3rd Floor Promenade Bldg.
198 Wilson Street Addition Hills
San Juan Metro Manila
Tel. 570-0788 

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