Happy New Year, everyone!

How time flies, noh? Cliché as it may sound, ang bilis naman talaga ng panahon. Now we're on another year --- another goals, plans, and the never ending lists.

Anyway, how was your New Year? Or how was your 2016? Well, it was not a full blast for me with unfinished plans and tasks but still, God blessed me and my family with so much which I am very thankful for. Meg went back to ballet (yes even though she's at her awkward stage right now) and plans to continue with it. I lost a lot of weight (teehee) but still not within my goal so I still need to push myself with lots of exercise and a disciplined diet (naks!) I also went crazy over preparing Meg's baon at school so if you want to check it out, please visit my IG account --- @eneri0411

School has been crazy for both Meg and I so adjusting to it tested my stress level also. I am just so lucky that she is focused on her studies and gives her best in everything. It gives me the chills sometimes that I am looking at her and seeing she's now grown-up. She is turning 10 this month!

Anyhow, let us claim that 2017 will be a huge year for all of us. Here's hoping to more exercise, travels, learnings, adventure, experiences, and blog posts. Cheers, guys! 

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