Getting a good education for my daughter has always been my priority. I believe that as a parent, I should give Meg the right training for her to be ready in the future - whether she will become a lawyer, a veterinarian, or a flight attendant. 

More than the profession, I think it is also important to build a strong foundation of learning that will be their building blocks as they grow. Good thing that there are a lot of options now that can help kids develop their potentials. 

Last May 4, we were able to experience what Sparklelab has to offer. Actually, when we were invited to the trial class, I thought it's just based on Engineering stuff and Math. But what they actually do is design play based learning experiences mainly in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). Their main objective is to prepare kids for success in the future by teaching them critical 21st century skills such as Imagining, Research/Finding Inspiration, Exploring, tinkering and experimenting, Designing, procedural thinking, Collaborating and Connecting/Sharing, and a lot more.

Watch the video to meet the people behind Sparklelab and the stop-motion animation film that the kids made! 
The kids were able to experience making their own stop-motion animation film. The first group used clay and Nursery rhymes so they've come up with Dumpty Dumpty (sorry I wrote Humpty Dumpty sa video), and the other group used toy soldier figures and bricks for their Zombie Apocalypse. It was actually fun!
Sparklelab also has workshops in game design and development, toy making, robotics, electronics, film making, and animation. 

I asked Rosanna (the founder) if the kids get intimidated especially if they're not good at Arts or Math or if they're not used to work in groups and she said no and added that the kids in fact love to go at Sparklelab. Well, Meg was shy at first but when they were grouped, the facilitator motivated her to do her part and she designed the background for their stop-motion animation film. So I think that really is something. What I also love about Sparklelab is that they work in groups so it can improve on the social interaction and team work among kids. 
They sure had fun!

They still have on-going workshops this summer so if you guys are interested for a free trial just contact them. The workshop consists of 6 sessions of 3 hours each for ₱8,500.00. The group size is between 5-12 kids. 

For kids 7-18 years old, they offer Game Makers 1, Game Makers 2, Toy Mill: Mad Scientist's lab, and Get Reel: The Art of Stop Motion. They also have the Bytesize program for kids 3.5 - 6 years old. It is a two-hour play group filled with stories, wacky design jams and lots of play.
Sparklelab team
Investing on something like this is valuable because this is something I personally believe in -- nurturing the education of our kids. While they fall in love with learning, they will be able to solve problems on their own and innovate something. So I guess that's making learning Extraordinary with Sparkle LAB. 

Contact details: 
Facebook page: sparklelabofficial 
Instagram: @sparklelabph
Location: 455 P.Guevara Street, San Juan City, 1500 Philippines (small red building right next to Cafe Ysabel)
Phone number: 0917-8014778
As a way of saying "Thank you", Super8 Grocery Warehouse brings their annual Funfest to let their card holders and loyal customers experience a wide variety of deals and discounts from all their business partners. Not only that, there are also a lot of freebies plus entertainment during the event so customers sure have a lot of fun while doing their groceries.
For this year, Super8 Grocery Warehouse's Funfest had their theme "Bida ka sa Savings Serye" which was held last April 27-29, 2017 at the World Trade Center. It opened around 9:00 AM and I was surprised that there are a lot of people already when I arrived at the venue. As in big event ito mga Momshies at Popshies!
As soon as the ceremony opened, shoppers flocked to the entrance. Everyone wanted to be the first to discover what deals are in store for them.
For a big event like this, I appreciate Super8's effort to do this in a big venue so people are comfortable. There are different food stalls and tables and chairs for the shoppers to sit and eat after grocery shopping. There are clean restrooms with staff on duty to check its cleanliness. 

Upon entering, you will see the different booths with great deals and discounts. May mga games at kung ano-anong pakulo. Bongga talaga! I also love the teleserye-themed booths. You won't definitely get bored while grocery shopping. Though it's a big hassle to go around the area because of the crowd, I see this as a good problem because people were able to get a lot of good deals during the Funfest. I just noticed though that there are kids around, so I guess if you want to attend next year's event, just don't bring the kids along (if possible).
With the aim of offering the utmost value for everyone, Super8 continues in ensuring they have happy and satisfied customers. I guess that's really BIG and LUCKY for all their loyal patrons as well.

* This is a sponsored post.