Super8 Grocery Warehouse Funfest 2017: Bida ka sa Savings Serye

As a way of saying "Thank you", Super8 Grocery Warehouse brings their annual Funfest to let their card holders and loyal customers experience a wide variety of deals and discounts from all their business partners. Not only that, there are also a lot of freebies plus entertainment during the event so customers sure have a lot of fun while doing their groceries.
For this year, Super8 Grocery Warehouse's Funfest had their theme "Bida ka sa Savings Serye" which was held last April 27-29, 2017 at the World Trade Center. It opened around 9:00 AM and I was surprised that there are a lot of people already when I arrived at the venue. As in big event ito mga Momshies at Popshies!
As soon as the ceremony opened, shoppers flocked to the entrance. Everyone wanted to be the first to discover what deals are in store for them.
For a big event like this, I appreciate Super8's effort to do this in a big venue so people are comfortable. There are different food stalls and tables and chairs for the shoppers to sit and eat after grocery shopping. There are clean restrooms with staff on duty to check its cleanliness. 

Upon entering, you will see the different booths with great deals and discounts. May mga games at kung ano-anong pakulo. Bongga talaga! I also love the teleserye-themed booths. You won't definitely get bored while grocery shopping. Though it's a big hassle to go around the area because of the crowd, I see this as a good problem because people were able to get a lot of good deals during the Funfest. I just noticed though that there are kids around, so I guess if you want to attend next year's event, just don't bring the kids along (if possible).
With the aim of offering the utmost value for everyone, Super8 continues in ensuring they have happy and satisfied customers. I guess that's really BIG and LUCKY for all their loyal patrons as well.

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