SAGALA 2017 | Flores de Mayo

Hello, everyone! Well this is basically my first post with my new domain. This momma got #Chickenpox and I am currently dealing with the scars using honey and Virgin Coconut Oil. Do you have any other suggestions aside from these two?  😭 

Anyway, Meg and her cousin Kieran joined the SAGALA 2017 of the Chapel of St. Lazarus. It was scheduled weeks before I got sick so we can't really cancel it. I wasn't able to go so I am thankful for my family to be there.
Look at Meg, o! Nagmukhang dalaga dahil sa make-up. I can't go near her because of my Chickenpox, kung keri ko lang ako na sana nag-ayos hahay... She was still very pretty (of course!) but I'm looking for my baby hehe... 👧
Anyway, here are some of the pictures which my sister took. Thanks, bunso!

This is not the usual Santacruzan for the ladies with Reyna Elena. It's just for kids and they offered flowers after the procession.
Meg said she might do this again (not next year) but when she turns high school na daw. They were really tired but at least they got to experience Flores de Mayo not only because it is a Catholic tradition but also learned the value of prayer and offering flowers to Mama Mary. 🙏

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