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Hello, everyone! For this post, I'd be sharing our family's cozy place when we want to dine and be comfortable or somewhat eat quietly without distractions.

All Day Cafe is located at the ground floor of the Holiday Spa building in D. Tuazon, Quezon City. My sister was the one who introduced it to me and good enough, we also liked it. 

Here are some of the dishes we have tried so far...
Ham and Cheese Panini, Carbonara, Seafood Pasta Arrabbiata, Oreo Cookie, and White Chocolate Mocha
We like the carbonara; it's creamy and very filling. The seafood pasta is good but super spicy. Hindi pwede sa bagets! 🤤
Seafood Lomi, Grilled Cheese Panini, and Cafe Latte
The Grilled Cheese Panini is always included in our order because it's really good. Syempre if it's my coffee, always latte. 👌 It was our first time to order their seafood lomi and it is surprisingly good. As in! The serving is good for 2-3 people.
You should try their espresso and ice blended beverages. Happy naman ako sa mga coffee nila.
Grilled Cheese Panini
Brownie ala Mode
I ordered this for Meg and the only thing we don't like about this dessert is that matigas yung brownie. The Clubhouse Sandwich is just ok but I'll still go for their panini.
Clubhouse Sandwich
I think this US Beef Tapa is their bestseller. It's soft and tasty, perfect sa garlic rice!
US Beef Tapa
These two dishes from their Main Entree are also satisfying but I forgot the name of the other dish. I think the other one is Pork Steak, basta both masarap. 😀
Overall, the place has a nice atmosphere where you can chill and eat good food with reasonable price. We'd definitely be going back to this homey All Day Cafe.

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